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The Navy created this website to provide the public with information about the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) associated with the Navy’s proposal to homeport additional U.S. Fleet Forces surface ships at Naval Station (NAVSTA) Mayport, Florida. The EIS process associated with this proposal was undertaken in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) as well as Chief of Naval Operations Instruction 5090.1C. The Draft EIS (EIS Documents), as well as material published in the Federal Register and presented at public meetings (Public Involvement Materials) are available for review. The Final EIS is posted on the EIS Documents page.

The Record of Decision was signed by the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Installations and Environment) on January 14, 2009. The Record of Decision is posted here.

The above information provides links to the historical record. This website now deals with environmental issues of a much wider nature. You are now able to find information on issues related to food, shelter, poverty, income distribution and activism.

Is the Paris Accord really enough to save our planet?  Many people have criticised that it is not ambitious enough, that the damage needs more radical action.  However the reality is that solving the problem of climate change is only possible if everyone works together and that’s where the agreement is focused. Many environmentalists and indeed ordinary people watch the news and reports of extreme weather events and are dismayed about the amount of action being taken.  Yet we have seen even with the Paris Accord, the second biggest polluter, the USA, has decided to opt out.  It is of course, much easier in the short term to deny the facts behind global warning – in the long term though the whole planet will suffer.

The coverage in the media obviously help raising public awareness is crucial especially in the developed democracies.   When you watch something like the Blue Planet, which is available online anywhere in the world using a BBC live VPN to hide your location – you get an idea of the widespread impact of our pollution.

Recycling oil is a huge means to conserve energy. The 2nd most typical gas is methane. At precisely the same time, US emissions have decreased by 13% because of fracking and a rise in using pure gas.    Everyone a part of the solution or part of the issue. The big problem is going to be their disposal. Every one must take note of the 2 issues not just on the concepts involved but also on the solutions we must adapt for sustainability.

Possessing a green investment in tropical trees is a very low risk but higher return strategy which everyone should do. Oil recycling companies exist since there is a demand for oil, new and reused, in a range of unique industries. Many bin hire businesses have large delivery trucks that can deliver several bins in 1 go.

The mainstream news media along with the economy and polity where the news media are embedded have changed over the previous decades and the coming of the world wide web supplies an opportunity to add distinctive kinds of news. The decision about what’s news and what’s not news took shape in various phases of news reportage and dissemination from the outset of journalism. If You enjoyed this report, you will likely enjoy all of the art and artists below.

When it has to do with green living, many folks may believe it to live a green lifestyle you’ve got to change everything all at one time. Only annually before life appeared to be unfolding wonderfully. In case the world keeps going the way it’s, then we will need more of this fashion of living. For the last 2,000 years it has been darkened and now the light of truth is starting to shine. The developing world seem to be dying for these e-wastes to be in a position to bridge the digital divide. The other countries had various mandates they attempted to fulfill with different heights of succeeding. In any case, many nations have rebate programs for people that buy electric cars, which balances the relatively substantial purchasing expenses.

There’s no magical moment here! It’s time to remain in our room-compartments with air conditioners. It’s time to hunt for different methods to be green. It was said at the time they were poisoned by means of a servant, but it’s also possible that the children were inadvertently poisoned by means of a doctor treating them for congenital syphillis. There’s no opportunity to them, these is just the rose. Nowadays, individuals should also begin eating green. These months will be an intriguing time for climate discussions.

The perfect place to look for a bin hire organization is online, as all significant companies have a web site that will list more information on the services and products which they offer. In twenty or thirty decades, there’s a fantastic chance it’s going to be dead, and even to a substantial degree forgotten. Now it is just a possible deal.

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Despite the rather spurious claims of the increasingly isolated deniers, climate change is real and happening now. The extent is probably the only real question and how much we can limit the effects. Some countries are obviously going to suffer more than others, the primary issues are the temperature rise and the rise in the sea level. Low lying countries and those with more extreme climates are the ones at greatest risks from the effects of climate change.  Of course, the effects are going to vary widely – it’s unlikely we’ll see in our lifetimes the sorts of catastrophes from the disaster movies common in Netflix of course.

So let’s look around the US and which areas will be most troubled. Mexico is a rather major market and we are going to do major expansion in the not too distant future. Though Arizona has an arid desert-like geography, it’s one of the most gorgeous regions on the planet. Much of Florida, Manhattan, and several other large coastal areas of earth is going to be inundated by seawater prior to the end of the twenty-first century! Of course the beaches in Miami are also rather popular and result in a great way to devote a couple of hours, but how are these likely to be effected.

Both natural and human elements change the planet’s climate. Most people don’t know more about the severe environmental impacts brought on by strip mining for, in this scenario, phosphate rock. The end result is multiple uses and advantages. No due procedure is required. Moreover, the rule adoption process also gives the chance to adopt emergency rules within a significantly brief time period.

A balance ought to be maintained between the need to entice customers and the visual effect on the business areas where customers can find what they’re looking for without being visually overwhelmed. In the event the sea level rises, it is going to create a watery grave for a number of low-lying places, tiny islands, and reclaimed portions of land. A standard region of concern happens when a new property owner is confronted with the dilemma of managing work that was previously done without permits to a property they now own. Coastal locations were a number of the very first settled in the nation, and have always accounted for a big proportion of the general population. When parts of genuine property like an accessory structure like a shed or a property addition was constructed without permits and required inspections it is sometimes a real headache, especially in the event the work doesn’t meet current code requirements or even worse, if it isn’t allowed or in the incorrect place. Many homeowners in today’s America, are mindful of steps that could be taken to lower the standard household expenses.

The cause isn’t the crucial matter. There are several environmental issues faced by Florida, which will need to get taken care of. The issue is that its negative effects far exceed the positive effects, and therefore, we want to get worried about the future and attempt to learn a remedy to this issue. The issue of environmental pollution has caused the buildup of wastes to a large extent.  Take for example some of the issues raised in the BBC’s wonderful Blue Planet many of these are very relevant to the Florida coastline, you can watch UK TV online by using a VPN.

Increasing temperature will cause adverse consequences on the weather also. Rising temperature will cause warming of ocean bodies, which, then, will raise the frequency of hurricanes. The expression hard water refers to any water containing a high degree of dissolved minerals like calcium, magnesium, amongst others. Air pollution is a significant problem which affects large segments of the populace are also likely to increase particularly in highly built up areas.

The climate is influenced by various elements. Climate changes are another significant threat. Now it is something that is a very important topic, and it will be with us with lasting repercussions for a long time. These changes include changes within sunlight and changes in the planet’s orbit. Even the changes in precipitation pattern can result in hazardous effects on several different plants species.

How will our environment cope with the levels of carbon dioxide we expect to see in 2050. It’s a frightening thought, but most of our data on expected results is pretty much theoretical. However in an attempt to quantify what will exactly happen, scientists are pouring carbon dioxide to a forest to quantify how it copes with growing levels of this pollution – a crucial contributor to climate change.

The decade-long experimentation, that will be conducted with University of Birmingham’s Institute of Forest Research, will expose a fenced-off part of woodland at Norbury Park, Staffordshire, to degrees of CO2 that experts predict will soon be widespread in 2050.

There are some reports on the BBC website about the project which you can access outside the UK by using a BBC iPlayer abroad like this. However there are similar experiments being conducted in other countries too – try here for more information.

The Free Air Carbon Dioxide Enrichment experiment intends to gauge the forest’s ability to capture carbon dioxide released from fossil fuel burning, and also answer questions regarding the ability of trees to absorb carbon contamination long-term.

Michael Tausz, the university co-director of woods study, stated: “Forests happily have a little more CO2 because that is their principal nutrient. But we do not understand just how much more and if they’re able to do this forever.”

The experiment is made up of succession of masts assembled into six 30-metre broad segments of woodland, reaching about 25 metres to the forest canopy.

Concentrated CO2 is fed via pipes into the peak of the masts, in which it’s pumped to the leafy top of the forest.

This past year, scientists in the UN World Meteorological Organisation estimated that carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide levels were at their highest at least 800,000 decades ago.

Further Information:

Using a Video Proxy, James Collins, 2017

If there’s one issue, that we need the nations of the world to pull together with it’s the environment. Local economic issues are simply not relevant, and short term political gain is not what we expect to see from out leaders. Unfortunately that’s exactly what has happened from one of the world’s most environmentally dangerous leaders – President Trump.

Trump's Future for the World

The choice by the Trump government to pull from the Paris accord sparked condemnation from both inside and outside the USA.
The President of France, Emmanuel Macron stated in a speech at the Elysee Palace that the choice has been a “mistake, both for the US and because of our world”.

“Wherever we live, whoever we are, most of us share the identical duty: create our world great again,” he explained.

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau said in a declaration that Canada had been “deeply disappointed” with the withdrawal and German chancellor Angela Merkel called the choice “extremely regrettable”.    You’d think the president who lives in the same country that brought us the blockbuster disaster movie that he would be able to see a real world disaster looming.  Who knows perhaps his subscription to American Netflix expired or perhaps he’s decided it’s ‘fake news’

Together with Trump withdrawing the US from global leaders in climate change plan, Governor Brown seems to be stepping in to fill the emptiness. On the afternoon of Trump’s statement, Brown issued a statement calling the government’s course of action “misguided and loony”.

“Trump is AWOL but California is keen to support and protect the environment, we’re ready for action,” he explained.

Soon following his return from China, Brown met Germany’s environmental minister Barbara Hendricks.

“China and Germany – two of the most effective nations on the planet – would be working together with California and also with other nations to take care of climate change,” Brown said in a statement. “The present withdrawal in the Paris accord from the Washington government has been beat and countermanded by men and women throughout the entire world”

In recent months, Brown had previously satisfied the environmental ministers of both Canada and Mexico. On June 13, he had been appointed as a special consultant for another United Nations Climate Change Conference, that will happen in November in Bonn, Germany.

“I do not believe we have ever seen anything quite like this campaign with a governor to interact with foreign authorities to indicate to the planet the Trump government’s climate policy doesn’t signify what countless Californians certainly consider what we ought to do to defend the world,” Carlson says ” [It] actually is unprecedented to generate a nation governor a de facto leader of powerful climate policy politics in the usa.”

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There has been some controversy in Spain recently with regards to some ratings of popular children’s shows. For once it’s not the quality that has been questioned but more the times that these shows are being broadcast. The ratings suggest that around 600, 000 Spanish children aged from 4 years old to 12 are watching these TV programmes after 10pm on weekday evenings.


There’s many shows which are designed for younger viewers which are not even starting until 10pm, something that puts considerable pressure on parents to allow their children to stay up and watch this stuff. Many groups have been watching how Spanish children’s TV have got later and later.

It’s not just specific shows either, children’s channels are stating kids films at 9:30 pm presumably finishing fairly close to 11pm at night. This is simply too late for children in that age bracket who are unlikely to get enough sleep, wake up tired and unable to concentrate at school. It might sound really shocking to UK parents for instance but the there are subtle reasons why this has happened in Spain. The Spanish tend to work longer days taking a break in the day, as such it fairly standard for parents to finish their working day at 7 or 8pm.

This has knock on effects on evening meals and television viewing. This is why many kids TV stations air shows much later, it is certainly quite unusual and not seen much outside Spain. Obviously the TV stations want viewers to generate advertising income, so this is one method that they can improve audiences. Parents are also likely to watch alongside their children too. Of course there are different options available, many expats based in Spain tend to access TV stations in their native language and hence the kids shows are earlier. Also many people use on demand services run by the BBC, using methods like this link in order to access them remotely. However all of Spain’s shows tend to be later even the adult versions with 90% of the country’s highest rated shows finishing after 11:30pm which is considerably later than in any other European country.

IT is said that as a consequence the Spanish have an average of 53 minutes less sleep than the Europe average. Many are concerned about this statistic especially at a time of economic crisis when productivity is a key concern. Many hope that over the next few years that improvements are made to the availability of digital channels which are popular in many other countries. This also allows for multiple screenings which could allow for more flexibility in viewing times. As mentioned other channels are available over the internet and many people access the BBC in Spain for example just by connecting via their computers and a proxy to hide their location.

This is a very brief review of the online ebook – The Ultimate Guide to Greening Your Home. Now there’s obviously no absolute need to buy a book about going green because there’s a lot of information available online for nothing. Indeed if you bypass all the region locks that exist perhaps by using a free US or UK VPN trial, then there’s even more. However for many people, it’s easier to find all the information in one place – this is for those people.

Simply because people spend a majority of time within their homes it is really important at they end up starting their green living within their home. Many folks don’t understand all the different chemical compounds that they use inside their home that can actually be having negative health effects on their family. When it comes to making your home greener you are in addition going to see that the quantity of water and electricity you use is something else that is in addition going to have an affect on the planet. Living a greener lifestyle is a thing that starts in your house and The Ultimate Guide To Greening Your Home is what we are checking out here.

The initial thing you need to comprehend concerning this guide is that it’s actually a step by step guide that will let you know the best ways to start greening your home. One of the reasons that this guide is so valuable is simply because of the many different things that are included a large number of individuals would not usually think of with regards to living green. For those of you who don’t understand what a green home is I ought to mention that it is a home that is energy efficient and will additionally end up using our natural resources in a limited fashion.

One of the main reasons individuals would like to start having a greener home is because of the health of their family, as this is a thing that is vitally important to many individuals. If you read the warning labels on a lot of the chemical compounds you could be using in your home for cleaning or freshening your air, you are going to find that health risks are involved in a lot of these common household cleaners and fresheners. When it comes to finding options for these different compounds that you used daily you’re going to discover that there are recommendations in this guide that will help you create a healthier home.

One more thing you are going to receive when you buy this guide is really a tax rebate and credit guide on different kinds of programs you may qualify for. There are both state and Federal agencies that will wind up supplying you with tax credits and rebates for those of you who choose to take your green home to the next level. Something else you need to comprehend is that when you do finally live in a green home, your utility bills each and every month is additionally something that you will have the ability to save money on.

The price of this guide is only $10.00 and you’re going to see that it is a thing that can be ordered directly through their site, and you are going to receive access to this product immediately. So as to make sure that everyone is totally satisfied with their purchase you are going to discover that the person who developed this guide has additionally included a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your purchase. For any person who is trying to find information about how to live a greener lifestyle and produce a green home, The Ultimate Guide To Greening Your Home could be the best choice for you.

Further references: http://www.uktv-online.com/entertainment/bbc-iplayer-abroad-2017/

For any environmentalist it’s of course the ultimate dream, but many people get put off the challenge for a variety of reasons.  Perhaps it’s the complexity or the cost, but the reality is that neither need be the case and in fact building an eco friendly house can be both simpler and cheaper than a standard home.   In fact there’s more help than ever if you keep an eye out on various lifestyle programs you’re bound to come across some examples.  It’s worth checking out all the shows streamed on the various BBC channels which regularly have homes like this, this page demonstrates how to get BBC iPlayer in France but it works from any program.

Of course, when constructing a new building — whether home or office — to prevent the possibility of Sick Building Syndrome, use environmentally friendly building materials in the wood studs, insulation, plywood, roofing, flooring, cabinets, countertops, paints and stains. If you use traditional building materials in the new construction, all of these items have the potential for emitting VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) into the air.

The construction industry worldwide utilizes approximately three billion tons of unprocessed building materials each year, which places a heavy toll on the earth and environment. Therefore, using such building materials not only contributes to the well being of a person but to the well being of the planet. Eco friendly houses can make sense on many levels – both environmentally and economically.

Some of the earth and eco friendly building products being used today are:

  • bamboo
  • cork
  • recycled denim
  • salvaged building items
  • soy
  • wool

Bamboo, unlike forest lumber, is a renewable resource that grows quickly and can be used for a variety of home building items. Bamboo cabinets and countertops, and decks and flooring can be stained. Indoors, bamboo is used in place of traditional hardwood floors. Outdoors, reinforced bamboo is used in place of plywood.

Cork panels make a durable, soft floor. Cork, which is harvested from the bark of a cork tree about once every ten years without damaging the tree, is a renewable resource, making cork panels ideal environmentally friendly building materials.

Recycled denim is used as insulation in lieu of fiberglass, which is considered a health risk if the tiny fibers are breathed in. Cotton, which is a renewable resource, is used as an eco friendly insulation, and is often recycled from old denim cloth.

All types of buildings are destroyed each day to make room for new construction. Reusable lumber, bricks, stones and even cabinets are salvageable building items left after demolition. You might even find that these eco friendly methods actually significantly reduce building costs.

The various oils in soybeans are processed into environmentally friendly paint, finishes, varnishes and stains, as well as grout.

Wool is an excellent natural resource used to make carpets and rugs in a variety of styles, patterns, and colors. Because a sheep can be safely sheered over its lifetime, wool carpets are also considered environmentally friendly building materials.

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There’s no doubt that green living isn’t just about what we can do to help our planet, but it is also something which will can really help improve your overall health, yes green living is healthy living. One thing that a lot of individuals don’t understand is that as our planet becomes more and more polluted every day, and the health of the individuals that live in the world is also going to be affected. Here we are going to be talking about a few things that will be able to help both our own health and the planet at the same time.

An important focus if you need one, could be to stop using is disposable plastic products as well as disposable Styrofoam, plastics and Styrofoam products are a small number of things that can take thousands of years to decompose. This means that each time someone places a plastic bag or Styrofoam container in their garbage and it ends up in our land fills, we are contaminating the earth. One of the largest culprits are the grocery stores as they use plastic bags now as opposed to paper bags, of course some stores will still enable you to ask for paper bags and if you do use the paper bags be sure you recycle them. Or even better, you could get the reusable canvass totes for your shopping.

You can also start to plant trees as well as other types of plants, regularly to help re-build their population. Our world is consuming a lot more trees every year than we’re planting. If you consider it, if we keep using more trees than we plant each and every year, in time there will be no trees left in the world. For us to keep the tree population where it ought to be, everybody should be planting a minimum of one tree a month. You need to also realize that when there are less and less trees in the world, that also means that the volume of oxygen in our air will also be reduced every year.

One more thing you ought to start doing is to start using as many organic and naturally developed products as you can. The fantastic thing about consuming organic foods is that farmers are not going to need to use as many pesticides and chemicals that wind up in our air, soil and also in the foods we consume. You have to understand that pesticides are a poison to kill insects and when these chemical compounds enter our bodies it is still a poison that can do damage to our health. Then when ever possible, you ought to only be purchasing products which have been made or grown using only organic methods.

Travelling is one of the biggest environmental costs simply because of the energy that is required. Now it would be a very dull place if we couldn’t go anywhere, travel is a wonderful experience, but sometimes we can cut out some non-essential journeys. After all is there really a need to travel hundreds of miles to have a one hour meeting ? The technology exists to have fast, high quality video conferences with very little trouble it’s quick, inexpensive and has a minimal environmental impact. Even if you’re international and have problems with filters, there are very simple methods to route video protocols without great expense.   Using VPNs and proxies you can also bypass any geographical restrictions – such as this which demonstrates how to watch BBC iPlayer in Ireland.

Saving our earth in addition to our health is a thing that every single person is accountable for. If everybody was to do their part you would realize that the health of our planet and our personal health would both benefit from these kinds of efforts. Obviously you additionally have to realize that if people don’t start taking care of our planet, in time it will no longer be able to sustain life.

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The consultation period has been over for a couple of months now, when residents of North East Florida were given the opportunity to file comments on the initial draft of the drone base proposal.

We obviously don’t know what comments were submitted yet, though the proposal was very clear that there would be no significant environmental impact on the immediate area if the Mayport Naval station was expanded to become a drone base.

It’s not the only location being considered, there are two other possible sites for the baseing of the MQ-4C Triton Unmanned Aircraft System according to the Naval spokesman in charge of liaising with the community. The plan is to establish a major base which would include a launch and recovery sites for four of the unmanned aircraft. The center would also become a maintenance center for the drones which are used extensively by the Navy in current operations.

The MQ-4C is one of the most advanced drones in the world and the country’s military is very keen to expand it’s use. The drones can fly for approximately 24 hours and have the capacity to survey over 2.5 million square miles in one single operation. The other sites being considered are Key West Naval Station and the NASA flight facility that is based on Wallops Island.

All the comments are now being considered and will be included in the final overall and environmental assessment. The draft failed to highlight any major issues with Mayport or indeed either of the other two sites which are being considered. There were some minor issues but these were expected and could be easily rectified. The Navy are confident that any of the sites could provide landing strips and a support base.

There is a fascinating documentary available on the BBC website about the development of drones and their use in the military – which you can find here. Where you can learn all about the history of these unmanned aircraft which are likely to play an increasing role in the modern military and possibly in the future of Mayport. If you have difficulty accessing the BBC site due to region locking you can try using this system which people use to bypass the Netflix blocking VPN access which also works for the BBC too.

That is, recycling or recycling waste is crucial to both pure environment and humans. Electronic waste is an increasing problem in Montana and around the USA. Curbside collection has become the most frequent process of disposal in the majority of European nations, Canada, New Zealand and several other areas of the developed world in which waste is collected at fixed intervals by specialised trucks. You’re ultimately accountable for appropriate disposal of electronic equipment.

With the gain in interest in green problems, recycling is getting an everyday occurrence which affects every individual, household and company. It is not only a concept now, but also a big industry. Recycling is now the demand of the hour, since the world is reeling under the pressure of several complex environmental problems. Plastic recycling is one of the more powerful remedies to this issue especially given the amount we use in the modern world.


Recycling requires not as much energy and for that reason will help to preserve natural resources. It is to reduce and reuse waste. Recycling is the previous option we’ve got at reducing waste. It is simply the process of reusing the items from which utility can still be derived. Paper recycling is connected to the environment in many ways. For more information on some of the environmental impacts of the increase in waste in our society you can find lots of documentaries online. Check out the major media sites especially places like CNN, National Geographic and the BBC – however it’s not easy to access the iPlayer application since they introduced the BBC VPN block.

There’s been a tremendous shift in how the waste management businesses work these days. Businesses must obey the industrial recycling rules (PDF). Specific businesses have to recycle different items based on their size and type. It’s not readily available to businesses. So businesses and homeowners have begun hiring the assistance of waste management organizations to care for their recycling needs. Moreover, with environmental legislation on the rise, construction businesses should be certain that they’ll be compliant which has any changed contractual requirements going forward.

Uranium mining operations can prove to be hazardous for the wellness of miners together with the surrounding population. The procedure works such as this. The procedure for recycling protects the environment. All recyclable material has to be kept separate from garbage whatsoever times. Recycling raw materials from end-of-life electronics have turned into the most efficient remedy to the expanding e-waste issue. Paper becomes turned into new paper goods such as newspapers. Firstly, you should distinct different sorts of paper and keep them in distinct groups.

By decreasing the energy used, additionally, it minimizes the total amount of fuel usage which then reduces the quantity of harmful pollutants in the surroundings. Recycling can also help stop indiscriminate use of unprocessed resources. Another benefit of recycling is it saves energy. To sum up, it minimizes the need for raw materials so that the rainforests can be preserved. The issue of air pollution has turned into a global challenge as a result of number of damaging impacts on environment and society.

The waste hierarchy stays the cornerstone of the majority of waste minimisation strategies. It is extremely vital to grasp the idea of recycling before we proceed to preparing all types of persuasive speeches on recycling. The widely accepted worldwide definition of e-waste is whatever runs on electricity. There are numerous laws governing the appropriate disposal of e-waste throughout the country. It’s frequently called the e-waste capital of the planet.”

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The majority of people can be observed wasting resources. You get detailed information regarding the business and its operations to spot prospective clients and suppliers. A few batteries for disposal aren’t accepted. Camera phones are a standard sight today. The foremost action to do is to choose whether you simply want to remove your mobile phone, or dispose it once and for all. Several people are frightened of giving away their previous mobile phones, as they think that the personal details on it may be used for unethical practices. There are a great deal more convenient ways of disposing your previous mobile phone, which can make sure you gain from it.

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Used this way, an auto battery can last quite a few years. Thus, recycling an automobile battery is a little, but important
step which you are able to take to conserve the environment from harmful chemicals and pollutants. To achieve a large amount of current, it uses thin plates in order to increase its surface area. A car’s battery was made to provide an extremely great deal of current for a brief time.

In this manner you’re able to purchase quality batteries at a discount. Because of this it will become needful to be on the watch for a perfect method of making battery recycling an inevitable phenomenon. It is extremely essential to bargain with used batteries correctly. When you travel a whole lot, you have to have a spare battery alongside you. A deep cycle battery is intended to present a steady number of current over a lengthy time.

Zinc casing is believed to be the anode. Plastic is one of the best inventions. The non-recycled plastic again ends in landfilling. The rest of the forms of plastic are included inside this category. Number two plastic is also thought of as safe for nature. It’ll be better in case you classify the scrap metal that you collect, as stated by the type.
Recycling at household level has been shown to be somewhat beneficial. Everything can be produced useful somehow, through recycling. Recycling is the demand of the hour. It has become the need of the hour, as the world is reeling under the pressure of many complex environmental issues. Recycling is now important today, as a result of increasing demands of the ever-increasing population. Recycling of paper, plastic, glass, and such different materials that is easily possible, aids in keeping the environment slightly cleaner. According to them, scrap gold recovery isn’t as simple as scrap metallic recycling.

There are various brands of automotive batteries and what brand you get is determined by where you have the battery replaced. Specific products are formed from several materials gather. Consequently, if you are checking at creating something that is going to have genuine market, then attempt to create products which can address security concerns.
There are various recycling procedures for different kinds of plastic. The procedure seems like you are pan boiling it. The battery recycling procedure is really one of the ways we can guard our environment and be fair to it.

The standard laptop battery lifespan is just two decades to three decades. This way you may sell it at recycling centers, that are trying to obtain certain types. There are various battery recycling service centers which you can contact.

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Saving water is something we can all do whatever the circumstances and if you’re on a meter it could even save you some money too. As mentioned, water consumed is also contingent on the sort of shower you use. These kinds of flushes are very beneficial for saving water. Many of these water saving tips really can help to cut down your water consumption.

The toilet may be an enormous waste of water, particularly for large families. Buckets or empty dustbins are a great method of collecting rainwater, as well as your plants will gain from the reduce amount of chemicals within the water. Mulching will further retain the water within the soil. The washing machine will utilize the same sum of water regardless of whether it’s full or empty.


Ask a plumber about the chance of installing an immediate water heater below your kitchen sink. Listen, you must pay for water that emerges of your faucet. Attempt to hand water instead of use sprinklers. This will definitely help save water. This particular tip came from the BBC website where there are lots of different environmental tips and quite a few programmes too. This link will help you to watch BBC iPlayer in Canada or any country outside the United Kingdom.

Switch off the water whenever you are shaving. Only A little water will most likely come out, however if the valve is off, it is only going to become a tiny. It was so far better than the rubber-flavored water from the hose. Don’t water within the heat of the day as the water will just evaporate.

Remember that many lawns uses more water your garden. Oh, it’s also an excellent way to conserve water if you’re conscious about water preservation! You may also spend less as you save water. Think about how much you’ll be saving on your coming water bill if you decide to decide on this alternative.

Take a seat on several amazing water savings by going for a high-efficiency toilet (HET). By using products like a Hippo water saver”, you can save as much as 3 litres each time you flush the toilet. Utilizing a very low flow toilet together with the minimal flow shower heads can decrease your water bill by half. In addition, utilizing a very low flow shower-head doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice water pressure.

Most luxury shower don’t offer water savings. In these instances, the residence shower is already water efficient along with a water saving shower head might not offer the extra savings. Store some water within the refrigerator allow it to find cold there, as opposed to letting the water run and wasting it simply to have a cold glass of plain water. Also turn the water off within the shower whenever you’re lathering up.

Leaks are a surprisingly large wellspring of water loss as well as plugging the leaks is an excellent solution to save in your water bill. It should be irritating the heck out of you anyway and may also save as much as 3000 gallons of water every year in the rate of a single drip a second. Whatever it’s the truth is that in the event the water wastage wouldn’t be reduced then the days aren’t far when everyone has to suffer for the specific situation. Before you think about installing a water saving shower, check the present flow rates you’re achieving with your shower, in case you are not certain how to do so get in touch with your regional plumber who will able to try it for you as well as counsel you as to the options out there.

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Layered gardening is actually a fabulous strategy to garden. Raised gardens are in reality rather easy to develop or put together, and even less difficult to maintain! Raised bed gardens have quite a few positive attributes. An actual garden room is actually a kind of human nest building. There’s a trend immediately to use `alternative’ materials to construct homes which are eco-friendly and sustainable. In case you have a veggie garden, it’s an excellent concept to truly have a couple of varied beds which can be rotated.


Most gardens take a great deal of water. See your neighborhood greenhouse or visit the neighboring agricultural center. You must collect first all the types of plant, the indigenous crops which you will have to plant in your garden. You’ll desire to take growing zones under consideration, and the aggregate of sunlight and rainfall your garden will get. Sun is more significant than shade and mulch always has the choice to be used to defend the roots.

We’re in the whole process of installing a modified key hole garden, utilizing the materials that we’ve on hand. They were no longer restricted to building in ways that took the organic surrounding environment into account. I’ll also describe how to create the homemade goods, and where to get materials.   Many where imported from specialized garden centers in Europe, I use a fast UK VPN to try and get the local deals and prices.

Every garden on the planet is set by its own own biosphere. Put simply, plant clematis where their roots are going to be within the shade and also the vines have access to sun. This organic material that’s freely available in many circumstances, can be cautiously arranged around young or more mature food and flower crops in addition to the soil. Many gardeners try to use traditional selections of plants within their cottage gardens to maintain the antiquity of the method. It’s going to support the fundamental needs of the entire family regarding vegetables and fruits even in little parcels of land and even in urban setting.

Most people who’ve wanted to begin a garden are reluctant to do as such because of all of the digging involved to replace portion of a lawn using a garden bed. Here is a few suggestions on how to create a rain garden. There are plenty of gardening books available on the market to pick from. Attract birds to your own garden with any of these lively and easy eco-friendly bird feeders. Your target is to eradicate a garden pest. Then ready the garden bed using the double-digging method.

It’s quite important to deliver a wellspring of cool, fresh water they could drink when the need comes up. You may be sure that the product was tested thoroughly on a broad array of garden plants so ought to be fine for any not listed. Purchasing a ready made formulation means you’ll secure a tally of plants to prevent. What’s proposed here is to use them all in combination to make the excellent low effect home or city.

A functional garden room has to be cool within the summer and warm within the winter. A pure cladding wood for your own garden room. Shade’ A spot to maintain cool is crucial for dogs that enjoy time within the garden. This will make a stunning zen like garden area or enhance an existent area of your own yard. There are rather few characteristics that will give a dramatic difference to your property, than the utilization of landscape lighting. Showcase a couple of components of your household and yard and make certain that safety is a critical element in your design.

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After merging, you are going to be on Mayport Road. Each side will stop in the river, with no method for bicyclists to become across. There’s also a tram which will take you around the island. The ferry is extremely important to Mayport Village.

Mayport Fireworks

Jacksonville is the biggest city within the state of Florida by population in addition to being the greatest city by region within the contiguous usa. The St. Johns River Ferry Service isn’t just an important neighborhood transportation link, it’s a vital portion of the regional transportation infrastructure network. Another of the rivers unique features is the fact that it flows north, one of only a couple of rivers in america that does. Originally, the whole lighthouse was black.

We’re ready for a bit of the decline here. Maybe we’ll secure another restaurant or two. Dine on freshly-caught seafood, for instance, neighborhood specialty, Mayport shrimp. We don’t foresee this as a crisis!  For those who get a little homesick when they travel don’t worry, Mayport has a high speed internet infrastructure which can be used to keep in touch with your homelife – I for one use it for BBC World News streaming from the cafe in Mayport near the library,

Kiteboarding and stand-up paddling are the hottest extreme sports to hit the region, plus Amelia Island is among a small number of places in Florida that delivers horseback riding within the surf. It is also possible to have a look at Adventure Landing that has go-carts, waterslides and laser tag. The Jacksonville Beach Pier presents great fishing and is also a site everybody should see. You don’t wish to miss the lovely beaches of Jacksonville!

While hospitality and tourism is among the greatest employers in the sector, there are likewise a variety of high-tech companies and base contractors found in the area. At the similar time the biggest employer within the region are military with a couple large bases nearby. Each day, they drive them back to their car they left within the parking lot. Significant factors within the neighborhood economy include services like banking, insurance, healthcare and logistics.

To guarantee a place for your own family to keep for the very first day or two, think about making reservations beforehand at the Navy Lodge or a neighborhood motel. You will also have tons of venues to pick from when looking for a much more upscale dining experience. You’ll find housing costs are extremely sensible and rentals are available. It can explain the various shipping options you’ve got and ease a few of the headaches of moving.

There are several golf courses and tennis resorts found in the area. Visitors will come across plenty to do and many different water activities. There are numerous kinds of programs to pick from.

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For many environmentalists, the plight of the humble bee is seen as a warning of things to come.  Over the last few years, bee populations have plummeted around  most of the developed world and the USA is no exception.  Last year researchers determined that nearly 30% of US bees were lost over the winter to a combination of mite infestations and the changing habitat.

That’s more than a quarter of colonies simply disappeared, in fact more than 50% of American beekeepers suggested that their losses were simply unsustainable.    It’s only over the last few years since the plight of the bee has been realised, that there have been accurate records kept but the trend has been mainly downwards.  Some slight rises have been recorded yet most of these have been the result of beekeepers creating more colonies with the expectation of huge losses – the new colonies rarely survive long.   Although most of the losses have been in the Winter months, reports are now beginning to suggest that losses are happening in the Summer too.

Check out the environmental pages of the BBC website where you’ll find lots of information on this issues including several documentaries which cover the subject on a global scale.   For viewers outside the UK you may need to use this technique here BBC iPlayer Ireland.  Although the example is from Ireland it actually works effectively in any country by changing your IP address to a British one.


This is extremely worrying, the bee is not simply another creature that we can wave goodbye to with a sense of regret.  We need bees, approximately 30% of the food we eat relies either directly or indirectly to them.   They are responsible for pollinating a huge part of our food sources without them we lack a pollination system.

Imagine that in the 1940s there were around 5 million bee colonies spread across the USA, there are now less than half that figure.  The reasons are disputed but they’re likely to be to do with insecticides, changing habitat and of course certain mites which can threaten bee colonies.   Some of these we have caused and can control – the most pressing one is restricting the use of the specific pesticides which we know can harm bees.


James Collins, Author – Most Secure VPN

It might sound like a contrarian view, at least as far as most environmentalists are concerned.  Initially it just sounds wrong, after all scarce resources are mostly at the root of the world’s environmental problems and growing populations are never going to help  that situation.  The world after all has a finite number of these resources and when demand is growing all the time, there seems to be only one outcome.


However to just blame our woes on ‘growth’ is actually a little too simplistic.  After all growth has also created better and more efficient food production, technology has impacted all areas of our world – mostly improving it. Even in areas like energy, their has been a huge growth in the way we use energy and even the amount we use per head.

In medicine, there have been huge improvements with treatments for many diseases and conditions now available for the first time.   Everything here can be linked to economic growth and the majority have not impacted on the use of natural resources at all and in some instance efficiency savings have been positive.

When we replace an inefficient car for travelling to work, use a more fuel efficient jet engine in our planes or even insulate our home and install a newer boiler – all these will benefit the environment despite the resource costs of the new production.

Growth doesn’t need to be a ‘bad word’ in the context of the environment.  After all the growth in solar and clean technologies brings both a net reduction in greenhouse gasses plus all the benefits to living standards and employment for people who work in these industries.   However it does demonstrate that although growth isn’t actually the problem, it’s more the direction with which we pursue this growth.

Developing technologies and pushing areas like fracking is exactly how we shouldn’t pursue economic growth.  Sure there are obvious advantages in the short term which will always look attractive particularly in democratic nations where governments are not rewarded for long term strategies.  There is a growing awareness though that we do need to take these long term views – the media in the UK is increasingly siding on the environmental stage.  Take a look at the British media and TV stations – this is how you watch British TV abroad if you want to access the BBC or other UK stations.

The essence of the argument is that growth is not necessarily bad, in fact in many areas it does produce positive benefits.  However in order to solve our environmental problems then a growth strategy is the important factor.  We can produce more jobs and wealth by focussing on areas that benefit our environment not harm it.

Source: http://www.iplayerabroad.com/bbciplayer-in-spain-uk-proxy/

In the UK, the sides are beginning to split about the future of ‘fracking’.  The latest development is the call from one of the leaders of the Labour Leadership contest, Andy Burnham who suggest that there should be a stop on fracking development until there is stronger scientific evidence on it’s safety.


He is the most senior politician to come out against fracking and warning that the licenses currently being handed out are based on very flimsy, scientific evidence.    Burnham is the MP for Leigh which is part of Greater Manchester, and intends to outline plans for the opposition’s position on fracking.  He commented how he was surprised to find a couple of years ago that there were already 9 licenses granted in his constituency and some are being progressed.

“These things just seem to be handed out like confetti. That made me really focus on the issue. In my area, we are riddled with mine shafts as a former mining area. Where is the evidence that it is safe to come and frack a place like this? No fracking should go ahead until we have much clearer evidence on the environmental impact.”

There is a growing movement against these fossil fuel projects with the Scottish government pushing for the more environmental approach.  The Guardian newspaper has launched a similar project called – ‘keep it in the ground campaign’.   There is another avenue that protesters are hoping to block fracking in the European parliament which is voting next week in a motion that EU member states should not authorise any new explorations ‘ until proven safe’.  In America, fracking is widespread and largely unregulated although New York State has banned the practice.

There does seem a split in the political parties in the UK, unfortunately though the Conservatives who have a working majority are largely in favour of the practice citing it’s employment and economic benefits.  There are some interesting reports and programmes on the BBC which cover the issues – you can access them on the BBC iPlayer currently but will need a proxy to access from outside the UK – http://iplayerusa.org/index.php/proxy-to-access-bbc-iplayer-abroad/

George Osborne, the chancellor has stated that the technology will produce many jobs, reduce energy bills and ultimately make the UK less dependent on countries like Russia for our energy supplies.  This however completely ignores the main protestations against the technology simply that there is not enough scientific evidence to prove it is safe in a country like the UK.  Our country is smaller and much more densely populated than some of the US areas which are being cited for safety reference and even there some dispute the records of the current fracking developments.

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Around the world, mining and energy companies are beginning to fail.  Many of these companies were set up when their output values were extremely high and therefore margins could be maintained even when costs rose.  Many mining companies have struggled as the recession has meant raw materials have fallen in price, a few years ago the Chinese and others would buy everything they produced but now excess production merely exacerbates the growing stock piles further reducing the price.

One sector that has had particular problems is that of coal, where the costs have stayed the same or risen whilst the cost of coal has fallen due to demand and the fall in price of other energy sources.  The US coal sector is in a “structural fall” which has sent 26 companies bust in the past three years, according to financial analysts. The world’s largest private coal company, Peabody Energy, lost 80% of its share price.


These declines were in spite of the Dow Jones industrial average growing by 69% during the same span. Authors said this indicated a decoupling of US economic growth.

Co-author Luke Sussams said the coal industry have been pummelled by affordable shale gas and also a series of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations.

“It was something of a one two punch. Gas took the legs out in the sector along with the EPA actually held it down,” he said.

80% were fallen by the United States shale gasoline cost since 2008. Meanwhile, renewable energy has gotten more and more competitive. From 2005 to 2013 the amount of US electricity generated by burning coal fell by 10.5%.  These statistics have been repeated and reinforced particularly by some recent documentaries that have aired on the BBC, you can access these on iPlayer using something like this site recommends to hide behind a fake IP address.

Vitta said the drop in share prices noted by Carbon Tracker was due to a complicated series of variables, including a cyclical dip in metallurgical coal demand. He explained despite the slowdown “coal will continue to be an integral element of the power portfolio. It’s likely to get just a little smaller so the share price will fall. But there is constantly likely to be a location for coal”.

An integral portion of the argument was the idea that carbon intensive fuel sources would become less precious because of increasingly stringent regulation from international and national bodies. Many companies would be left holding vast reserves of fundamentally useless fossil fuels by this. A theory called ‘stranded assets’.

reference here

I’ve just watched a fascinating programme on global warming on the BBC and it raised some very important questions on what we can do on a personal level to reduce waste and our own carbon footprints.  The documentaries are generally available on the BBC iPlayer services, which you can watch from the UK and using this from anywhere else.

In relation to helping our world there are a lot of other things which individuals can actually do aside from recycling which can have a really advantageous affect on this planet. Actually you’ll probably find hundreds of different things that you are able to change in your life right now that will have the ability of helping you help our world. In the following paragraphs we’re going to be discussing a number of these other things which you could start doing in order to help the planet.

One of the initial things you ought to actually stop doing is using throw away paper plates, utensils and paper or plastic cups. By eliminating the use of these products you are going to find that it is going to help decrease the amount of rubbish that men and women throw away each day, and will also help protect our resources from being used for manufacturing of these kinds of products. I’m certain you understand that this will not only save you cash from buying these items each week, but the planet will additionally thank you.


Another thing you should stop doing is buying storage containers at the stores mainly because they’re not needed even if you have to store your leftover food in the freezer or refrigerator. With regards to storing your leftovers inside the refrigerator there is absolutely no reason you can’t just place them on a regular plate instead of one of these containers. And for people who need to freeze your leftover foods you are going to find that items like empty bread bags or even butter containers will be a great way to do this.

Refilling your empty water bottles is another way that you are going to have the ability to help save the planet and save cash simultaneously. A lot of folks do not realize that beverage centers will carry 5 gallon jugs of fresh spring water, and this may be a great choice for refilling your bottles as opposed to purchasing new ones each and every week. You may also find that you are able to save large amounts of money by doing this simply because a 5 gallon jug of spring water will generally cost less than $5.00.

Something else you are going to discover is that when folks go to sleep they like it to be cool, so lowering your thermostat 50 or 55 at night will help reduce your fuel costs. This can supply you with 8 hours each day of less fuel consumption that will obviously help our world and also save you massive amounts of money. Another thing you may want to give consideration to is not turning on the air conditioner while you are sleeping, instead you may want to give consideration to adding a ceiling fan in your bedroom.

Not only will the recommendations above help you to save money every single month, but you are additionally going to discover that the suggestions will be very useful for our world.

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Of course, there are some very compelling reasons, that we should look after the planet we all live on.  But this short discussion, will hopefully explain why there are other reasons why you should look at the ‘green option’ other than the rather distant environmental one.

Loads of men and women believe that the only reason that they should start being environmentally friendly is to help our world, and many of these men and women never think about other benefits related to it. When you actually take time to think about it you’re going to see that green living is something that can have a useful affect on your wallet as well, actually the greener you live the more cash you are able to save. By making small changes in your daily life activities, you are going to end up saving cash and also helping the planet since you need to live here also. As you continue to read you’ll find a few things you can start doing immediately to be able to reduce your carbon footprint on the planet.

For those of you who have an older home the very first thing you may possibly want to look into is upgrading the windows, simply because this can help you lower your heating and cooling costs. The first thing you should realize is that if you are able to keep more heat your home during the cold months you will end up burning less fuel and saving more cash due to this. Of course the exact same thing is true in the summertime, simply because if you are using your air conditioner less you are using less electricity which again helps our planet and saves you cash. So for those who have an older home it would be a good idea for you to check into upgrading the windows as a result of the many benefits related to this.

Utilizing cold water to wash clothes and then hanging them outside to dry will be a much better option than using warm or hot water and utilizing the dryer simply because you can save cash and help our world. You ought to comprehend that when you do not need to develop as much hot water each and every month this will reduce fuel costs and will also help you save money over the long haul. You are also going to see that most dryers run on electricity and they’re most likely one of the biggest energy hogs throughout your entire home. So by following these two suggestions you are going to have the ability to save cash and decrease the amount of pollution that’s being created on the planet.

If  you want to read about some of the real consequences of this pollution, just check the news and you’ll see many of the effects.  I personally keep up to date with the Greenpeace web site and also some of the environmental reporters who work for the BBC.  The BBC is good because it’s a state funded organisation and relatively free from political and ideological bias, for those outside Britain you could need a UK VPN to access though, check this for one I use.

Another thing you may possibly want to consider doing is placing a timer on your hot water heater, because you obviously do not need hot water 24 hours a day. Because most individuals only need hot water in relation to doing the dishes and taking a shower, you will find that only having your hot water heater running for a few hours every day is all you need. Obviously when you are able to decrease your consumption of hot water this way, it is in addition going to save you cash and reduce pollution from our planet.

If we can get more men and women following the recommendation that we have pointed out above you are going to find that the affects to the planet can be something which is immeasurable.

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In case you have somehow not noticed, there has been a greening of the United States going on over recent years. No, the landscape is not really changing that much, but people’s personal beliefs about what is acceptable is certainly going through an overhaul. The winds of change are blowing and people are looking for ways to save the planet from our often self destructive ways.  A good place to start this change is right in your own home.


It used to be that people considering a deck installation would just automatically choose to opt for wooden decking boards. They were relatively cheap and there seemed to be an endless supply of them available. If you have priced lumber lately, you already know that buying wooden boards is no longer the cheapest option in many cases. Lumber costs have skyrocketed and even small home projects can be expensive even for people with the ability to perform the labor themselves.   It’s worth shopping around though as there can be quite a bit of variation online,  it’s also worth using a spoof my ip application to hide your address and you may get a better deal.

Home owners today are also interested in looking toward the future before choosing a decking material. The same people who pay attention to ways they can recycle and re-use things around their home are looking for as many ways as they can to keep our home planet looking good. One of the adjustments people are making in their thinking is about ways to get long term value from home improvements. One great way to stay green and actually save money is to look into using composite decking boards. These often are less expensive than traditional wood boards and offer the added advantage of being made from recycled materials. They are also less of a burden to maintain than tradition boards. These boards do not warp like pressure treated lumber and they also do not require fanatical attention to constant upkeep and maintenance like most traditional decking material does. If you plan on staying in the house where you are living right now, it makes sense to look toward the future. Build with materials that will last and you will be grateful later when you do not have to pay to make costly repairs and replacements.


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It’s a story that is echoed across the world, Government leaders stand up in global forums and conferences and say the right things.  We’ve probably all lost count of the number of world leaders pronouncing war on climate change, and warning about the global effects.  Yet time and time again, this seems to be little more than rhetoric for the sake of the media and global audience.

When it comes to actually tackling the issues the aggressive stance tends to get diluted in the face of the costs or short term economic issues.  I stress that phrase short term, because the long term costs of our current attempts to thwart climate change will be much greater.  Of course, in a democracy that cost will need to be paid by a future legislation, a fundamental problem of why so many governments are failing to tackle the climate change issues.

The situation in Australia is typical with growing discontent with the way their coalition government is tackling climate change. Just watch the Australian media to see how the governments efforts are perceived, there was a great program on last week which was broadcast by ABC, you can catch it via Iview if you have access to an Australian proxy. It’s in places like Australia that we hope to see some dramatic change in policy simply because the country is likely to be effected greatly by a warming planet.    Already there seems to be many more devastating wildfires appearing.


Events like this are a very real reminded of the real world effects of the planet beginning to warm due to climate change. There is also a reduction in the number of climate change skeptics as the main stream view become more difficult to deny.

Australia is in a difficult position due to climate change, there is little doubt about that. It’s economy relies heavily on the extraction and supply of fossil fuels which are behind climate change. Yet it is also a country likely to suffer more than many with it’s largely dry and hot climate. There is a growing feeling that short term prosperity is not worth the potential costs, as tanker after tanker leaves for Asia stuffed with Australian coal.

In a recent poll, over 60% of respondents said that they want Australia to be a world leader in tackling climate change. This would be a great boon to climate change movement but at the moment it’s simply not happening. The same poll showed large scale discontent in the way that the Government is tackling climate change and implementing potential solutions like carbon pricing and alternative clean energy resources.

Ultimately the same debate is happening in developed countries across the world.  The issues are grave but a solution is expensive and painful in the short term, few democratic governments seem to have the strength and resolve to tackle the issue properly preferring to instigate the piecemeal efforts that we are sadly far too late to rely on.

John Hefin is a writer and blogger who works from his base in Ontario, Canada.  He writes on technology and environmental issues and keeps up to date on both areas through the net and by spending too much time at his PC in order to watch iPlayer abroad.  The BBC’s environment coverage is second to none and is worth checking out.


In many posts on this blog, we cover the worrying levels of air pollution across the world. The problem is well noted in places like China where air pollution is staggeringly high. However a recent report suggested that there are real issues with air pollution in North America too.

streaming UK TV
A recent report by the American Lung Association (ALA) suggested that nearly 50% of Americans live in areas where the air is bad for their health. That is the air contains high levels of smog and soot particles in the atmosphere which can cause health damage. That’s almost 150 million people who’s health is at risk simply because of the air that they breathe.

The report took their data from a 2 year period 2010-2012, and looked a major American cities and metropolitan areas. In 22 out of the 25 areas, the air quality has got worse and climate change is probably only going to increase that trend with higher levels of smog or ozone.

To some extent the levels were effected by the weather, the temperatures over the report period were much higher than normal – this would cause higher ozone readings. However this is part of the real challenge as temperatures rise then pollution in the air is going to rise too.

The extent to which the pollution can cause health problems has not been extensively researched. However there is a growing belief that the body is affected negatively by much lower levels of smog than was previously thought. There are efforts of course being made to reduce the emissions that cause this pollution – many American cities have made great strides in this area. However it is becoming apparent that this is not nearly enough to even control the quality of our air, let alone improve it.

John Simpson is a technology and environmental blogger.

The updated changes go in to effect on 1 January 2015, the state Xinhua news agency stated on 2 4 April. These very expected changes come in reaction to a huge amount of community angst over pervading pollution that’s stifled China, the globe’s 2nd-biggest market.

An Increasing Pervasive Pollution Problem

Workers have now been unwilling to go to China owing to the state’s higher pollution speeds. This is serious for the Chinese economy, the environment is one aspect of Chinese life that was sacrificed to maintain the country’s economic growth. Now it seems that the costs are starting to mount, the reality that you cannot indefinitely pollute the land you live on, the water you drink and the air your citizens breathe. An increase in concern is long overdue in China over


Japanese electronics leading Panasonic pronounced in March 2014 it’ll spend a wage premium to its workers working in China, compensating them for enduring China’s pollution.

Panasonic is considered to be the first company to pronounce a premium that compensates for polluted atmosphere.

Previously, in March, Initial Li Keqiang declared a “war on pollution” throughout the state’s yearly parliamentary session.

In 2013 several towns in China, the planet’s biggest vehicle marketplace, have determined to limit the sale of new automobiles. Quickening deliveries have driven municipalities to step-up attempts to fight air pollution.

Land pollution has become increasingly widespread as information of tainted rice and other harvests appears. The latest report that was published last week suggested that nearly 60% of China’s ground water was polluted – a huge figure and something that has genuinely scared the Chinese. There is a report out detailing some of these concerns – you can pick it up from YouTube and on Netflix, you’ll need to access the US version – try this link Watch US Netflix in Canada.

There is an expectation that some good might come from this Chinese crisis, at least in environmental technology. There are reports of some serious money being channeled into research for greener energy sources and technologies. There are some documentaries currently available on the BBC iPlayer which details some of these areas, including some fascinating research in Spain, you can get access by this technique.

Even among environmentalists, wind power is a fairly controversial subject. Many people object to it’s use particularly when huge turbines are placed across our countryside. Other’s argue that it is inefficient and simply not cost effective and other sources of energy like solar should be pursued. So a recent report should be very welcome from those who advocate wind power as an important part of our energy requirements.

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland has reported that wind power has saved Ireland upwards of one million Euros in energy costs, reduced the level of greenhouse gas emissions and all this without affecting customer’s energy bills. It’s said that Ireland’s wind profile is one the best, something that many Winter visitors would attest to.
Wind Farms

The organisation defended the people who criticised the turbines and the effect on the landscape by insisting that they would be careful where these turbines would be sited. There are many sparsely populated areas and boggy marshes where it’s unlikely to cause an issue. He added that many wind farms have been accepted into communities who have no real issue with them.

There is perhaps more leeway for using wind farms in Ireland and across the water in the United Kingdom purely because there is more space to locate these turbines in areas where the population will not be affected. You can see loads of coverage in local news across the United Kingdom on the BBC website about the protests against wind farms – if you want to watch the actual reports this page explains how to get BBC Iplayer in Ireland.

There is a worry in France for many environmentalists, specifically those who backed the current President – Francoise Hollande in the last election. Many of them voted for him because of a single important pledge – to reduce the country’s reliance on nuclear power for it’s energy needs. The issue is becoming a major concern with an increase in coverage in the mainstream media not just ‘green’ coverage, you can access most online from outside the country by using a France proxy.

Nuclear Power Stations

In fact he promised to halve the use of nuclear energy, which is no small feat for France. The country is the world’s biggest user of atomic energy, about three quarters of all it’s energy is derived in this way. But even if you don’t have objections to nuclear power on environmental concerns, there is a big problem with France’s reliance on this energy. Most of the nuclear reactors are now approaching the limit of their life expectancy, the majority were built in the 1970s and 40 years is considered a safe lifespan.

This means that the majority of the stations should really be decommission shortly, although there seems to be a lack of preparation to do this. Most expect that the aging stations will be kept open a little longer. The problem is that switching to different energy forms is extremely expensive, and will very likely effect the economy in the short term.

The discussion is likely to be quite lively, environmentalists have trusted President Hollande with their vote on this issue but the economic implications could be huge. France’s economy is still almost stagnant and it’s recovery is still among the weakest in Europe – the cost implications of a switch in it’s energy base would likely slow the economy even more.

It’s an interesting debate and one that is probably going to be repeated in other countries across the world. Here’s another source of information on changing your ip address so you can access French only content through a proxy – read this.

There has been a noticeable change in attitudes in Japan since the events of 2011.  The earthquake and Tsunami obviously had a devastating effect, but it’s probably the disaster at Fukushima which were the real turning point for the Japanese people.   The change has been noticeable among both businesses and individuals with all sorts of ‘green energy’ projects springing up all over the country.

There have been cooperatives established by businesses and citizens to help create new energy sources.  In the city of Odawara, a group of companies have established an independent energy company to help provide an alternative to nuclear based plants.    They are focusing initially on solar energy, by installing panels in strategic locations through out the city, but also construction has begun for a large solar plant which is hoped will supply energy for around 300 households.


There is a genuine drive to try and take lessons from the tragic events to make Japan a better place.  Japan was of course famous for it’s high growth rate at the turn of the last century, an economic boom that was largely supported by over consumption domestically.  The dumps and tips in Tokyo were full of one and two year old TV sets as the Japanese upgraded routinely in all manner of products.  But you can feel the change, the events of March 2011 and the decade of stagnation in the economy have made the Japanese think again of repeating the same mistakes.

If you watch  the Japanese media you’ll see a huge difference in attitude from the 1980s and 90s, although you’ll need some language skills and use of a Japanese proxy in order to listen to them.   This is a much different society,  one that has changed it’s priorities.   There’s a good hope that this change in direction will benefit green technology directly with an increase in research and development in this area.    We have seen all ready a Japanese firm generating electricity from the food waste of a noodle factory and the pulp from an nearby orange juice maker.

It’s not all good news on the environmental front though, there are still some who think the future needs nuclear power.   The Government is currently drafting it’s latest energy policy and nuclear certainly plays an important part in that.   Public opinion is definitely against this, stories of radiation poisoning which keep appearing are likely to polarize this view.

For more information on technology citations: please see here.

Campaigners for the environmental organisation Greenpeace have been criticising one of the world’s largest supermarket chains – Tesco. They claim that the supermarket in 2012 pledged to ensure that they only stock sustainably fished tuna on it’s shelves – but had broken that promise.

The group have said that Tesco is stocking budget tuna from the low cost supplier Oriental and Pacific. This supplier is believed to use large nets called purse seines, which are harmful to other sea life. There is some confusion over the claims though which the supermarket chain deny and the manufacturer claim is misleading.

The recognised sustainable way to catch tuna is by using a pole and line, the primary benefit is that no other creatures are caught by accident. Tesco has promoted it’s ethical standpoint on tuna fishing heavily so this accusation is extremely embarrassing.

The company who owns Oriental and Pacific tuna, claims that 85% of it’s tuna is caught using the ethical manner. However it did admit that the specific brand Tesco uses is caught using large nets. It’s unclear on what basis Tesco are denying the claims when the manufacturer had in fact confirmed it. Some celebrity chefs have called for consumers to boycott buying this tuna and the supermarkets who are supplying it.

There is a concern among many environmentalists that many companies are using green issues to promote their products and brands, but the reality is many are only paying lip service to the issue rather than actually doing anything about it. The example of Tesco seems to be very typical of the attitude of many large corporations who wish to promote an environmentally friendly image without any of the costs involved. It’s unknown what sort of effect this bad publicity is going to have on Tesco but the UK is a fairly environmentally sensitive market so it will be interesting to see. You can watch the news updates and coverage of this issue on the BBC site and the Iplayer application – this method allows you to hide your location and watch the UK only programmes over the internet. It’s merely a method of changing your IP address using proxies in order to bypass the many blocks on major media sites – check this out for more information.

In the UK at the moment, there’s a big argument about whether we should be spending about £50 billion on a new high speed rail link called HS2. There’s a parade of businessmen who announce that it is essential, lots of people muttering about essential infrastructure all lined up against the thousands of people who will have to move, the environmentalists and people who simply don’t want to see even more of a small island carved up.

The benefits are often not very tangible, often references are made to the employment benefits which seems a little odd.  After all following  that logic you could invest in a series of statues, or a copy of stonehenge for every town in the land – all would bring the employment benefits.  The one main benefit I have heard cited is that it would take twenty minutes off a train journey from Birmingham to London which does sound very fast.  But do we live in such a fast paced world that 20 minutes is that essential, I frequently spend that queued up in roadworks outside the Train station car park.

The reality is that any environmental benefits portrayed by this scheme are also dubious.  After all the carbon cost of building the link initially is going to be so huge that the benefits would have to be huge to justify them.  But they are simply not, it’s about time not about taking traffic off the roads, it’s unlikely there would be much of reduction.

The real answer has got be to be teleworking, invest all that money in a seriously fast fiber network across the land instead. Don’t let people rush around the country having twenty minute meetings with each other, do it all in teleconferences.   Fire up their laptops, pcs and tablets and have that meeting online – nobody has to leave their house and the meeting will be just as productive.

IN fact we could make it global, stop investing in more and more airports, and environmentally damaging air travel and let people do business online. There’s no technical reason why meetings can’t happen over video conferencing merely using our own equipment – no one needs expensive video suites any more – a tablet, a pc or laptop will do fine.  Certainly there are often some issues with locations but those can be circumvented too –

This video is called how to get a fake IP address. It demonstrates that you can make security changes and bypass the various blocks and filters online relatively easily when required. It’s simple stuff and certainly very easy to set up. Imagine the costs involved both financially and environmentally in bringing just a handful of people from across Europe into a short meeting in London. There’s no reason why this shouldn’t happen, and the meeting can be just as effective perhaps even more so as jet lag and tiredness become less of a factor. A business man living in Spain can have several European meetings in a day and then still watch Eastenders in the evening using his laptop whilst relaxing by a pool in Marbella ! Here’s a link if you need help with that scenario – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytJHSDsicog!!

First let’s examine what our animals consume.  I don’t need my puppy ingesting that even though I’m astonished at what he’ll scrounge on the walks and consider edible. With the higher interest in organic and natural meals for folks, there are actually many alternatives for healthful, natural, and even organic pet food.

Check  labels. I acquired a fresh model of treats on my last visit to the supermarket. But, the elements didn’t contain any chicken! I left it in the ledge. Your Dog Food Project offers a complete listing of pet food ingredients.

He loved it and it seemed great from my viewpoint with assorted designs of kibble in brilliant colours. Then I recognized with all those brilliant colours, it has to feature lots of food dyes. I was right. I won’t be purchasing that merchandise. It was intended more for my satisfaction than Casey’s health.

No notion of the facts because. Still this product was only the other for the kibble. The minced mouse was intended for the cat’s satisfaction without any thought for the acceptability from the cat owner.

Having your dog and keeping the environment impact to a minimum is not difficult.

This Eco-friendly disposable dog feeder can help you to do that. This is made from sugar cane fiber, this product is perfect for the healthy environment because it is 100% sustainable, biodegradable and 100% tree free. If you are traveling or going to the park to take a afternoon walk with your dog, this is the perfect feeder that you can carry. They are durable enough to be used, rinsed and reused, but inexpensive enough to toss them out without any guilt. They are 6″ in diameter and hold 16 oz, pretty small to carry around.

The other alternative is an auto dog feeder if you do not like the disposable one. It is very easy to use but usually it is for indoor only. It has the timer set that does not require the owners to wake up at 4 in the morning to feed their pet.

It’s official, well nearly – in an important new report by the United Nations climate panel they have concluded that they are 95% certain that humans are to blame for the majority of global warming that has occurred since the 1950s.  The report goes on to detail the physical and scientific evidence that is behind climate change.

The warming of the ground, the air and the oceans – is evident for all to see.  Although it does reference the apparent pause in warming that has occurred in the last 15 years, it is suggested that this is too short to be seen as anything significant in the long term trends.  The panel warn that further damage to the environment and increased temperatures is also an inevitable result if we keep emitting greenhouse gases in the quantity we are currently.


The report refers to the changes that are required in order to stop us seriously altering our climate system over the coming decades.  As always the changes center around substantial and sustained reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.   There is huge political pressure on this report as it actually effects the policies of many world governments.  As such the release is always preceded by very intense negotiations , this is the summary of the global warming position – which will be referenced across the planet.

It is only the beginning though, the initial report is the first out of three reports which will be released over the coming year.  The statements in these reports are the most accurate and comprehensive that our available of our current understanding on both the position and the mechanics of global warming.

Although there is enough doubt and cautiousness to give the climate change skeptics some ammunition, the current understanding is quite plain.  The observed changes in our climate change are man made and are unprecedented over the last millennia.

Each of the last three decades has seen the Earths surface temperature rise, it’s certainly warmer than any period since 1850.  However even this figure is only due to the lack of real records – the suggestion is that our planet’s surface is warmer than at any period over the last 1400 years.  As the temperature rises, then the oceans have warmed and the levels of snow and ice have fallen.

To see the full report you can download a copy from the BBC website – here, you’ll need a PDF reader to view it properly.  There are some interesting programmes being scheduled on UK television over the coming few months – all available online using the iPlayer application – people based outside the UK may need to modify their IP address to view however  – here’s a link. There’s another video explanation of the issue on this site too.



Cleaning the environment is important because it will protect our health, this beautiful and wonderful world is turning into a garbage heap help clean it. If you don’t have clean environment pollution will spread and nature will die. Remember cleanliness is close to godliness. Imagine how we live in a dirty environment, what will happen to us? It’s too hard to imagine, every people can’t live without this environment. All of us want this environment to spend our life. So we get many things from environment. Every day the environment is getting worse, who’s responsible is this? Absolutely that belongs to us.

It is important to keep your environment clean as important for owning automatic pet feeder for your lovely pet. By the clean environment so that no one is breathing from the polluted air, and so the plants and animals don’t breath the polluted air, and don’t forget that if the pollution causes any damage to the plants and trees, then that could cause human extinction because we need plants and animals to survive, plants give us oxygen and animals give us food, they relate to each other.

One of the aspects of the long term environment that I find pretty darn interesting is the relation between food production and water conservation.  In fact, a more secure and local food economy is likely to strain water resources even more than they are already.

A city like Mayport, might have some options which simply are not available everywhere.  As an example, if rainfall changes significantly, can we build desalinization plants, powered by reusable energy to create water for our farms? For the thriving gifts, local food and gift baskets businesses that exist in Mayport, isn’t that something that we owe to them?

Finding a good payment calculator can be next to impossible if users are unsure of what features they need, what specifications they require, and what will work best for their individual payment. Using  payment calculator can be incredibly helpful when it comes to finding out just how much a payment is going to be and figuring out how much of your pay each month will be devoted to these payments. Many sites offer their own individual payment calculators that are specific to the loan that they are working with but with a site like PaymentBot, there are a variety of loan calculators that can help just about anyone estimate a payment. Using a site like PaymentBot can help to reduce difficulty and make using a payment calculator worlds easier.

Unfortunately, the utility is only available in specific geographical areas so you may have problems accessing the site outside the USA.   The reason is that the calculations are obviously US specific and of little use to people who are resident outside the USA.  However this excludes many people who are travelling or just happen to work outside the US, fortunately there is a fix for this.    You have to use a simple tool to redirect your internet connection – this is an example, American DNS for Netflix which relocates your internet connection through the US even if you are connected from outside the country.

PaymentBot is a site that offers a wide range of tools to help just about every user figure out what payments they are going to be making, what payments they should be making, and how much of their pay each month will be dedicated to payments. Using a calculator can really help to reduce tension and make figuring up a payment worlds easier. Using calculators to figure up traditional loans, nontraditional loans, special circumstance loans, or even just to figure out how good an interest rate can save users time and money when it comes to setting their loan payment each month. Knowing a bit about these calculators can help make using one worlds easier.

With a basic loan calculator there are three variables that come into play. PaymentBot has calculators that take all these factors into account. First, the principle amount of the loan. This amount is what all other figures are marked against. Another factor is interest rate, this helps to determine how much of each monthly payment goes to paying off the loan and how much goes toward paying off the interest. The last factor that is taken into account is duration of the loan. The shorter the term the higher the payments, the longer the loan the lower the payments but the larger the interest pay out.


James Williams, iPlayer USA

Napa Valley is known for one single thing above all else-it’s wine.  A major tourist destination and one of the only true tourist destinations in the world centered around an agricultural product, Napa Valley has been home to some of the most intense and contentious fights over the environment anywhere in the world, for well over 30 years.

At the cruz of the argument is something simple.  In an effort, after the wine industry started taking off in the late 70’s, to keep its character much of the Napa Valley area is protected from new development by an agreement called the Ag Preserve.  Of course, everyone loves the concept of the Ag Preserve, except when it stops them from doing what they want.  Growers want less restrictions on the percentage of land they can plant on.  Vintners want less restrictions on the marketing events they can hold at their wineries. Developers want to be able to build more houses.  ETC ETC.  It makes me wonder if the Ag Preserve can survive and if it is a viable example for the rest of the country at all.

What do you think?

There was a time when people didn’t run out to the grocery store for everything from lettuce to chicken breasts.  People were self sufficient, being able to grow their own produce and raise their own meat.  During these simpler times, people were also far less reliant on transportation that causes pollution.  Rather, everything they needed was provided for them right outside their front doors.  As a result, not only was the environment better, but people were healthier and more active.  

Granted, not all of us have the means of self-sustainability, as we have to work our 9-5 jobs, then run the kids to soccer practices, and figure out a time somewhere in between to maintain our McMansions and pick up dinner at the drive thru.  It leaves very little time for us to do things like grow our own food, and what’s more, to exercise.  The amount of time we spend in our cars and behind the desk add to a growing waistline and a smaller bank account.  While we may not all be able to find the time to maintain our own gardens and grow our own produce and raise our own meat, perhaps we can all find the time in the day to exercise.  

Somewhere in between our careers and the drive thru window, maybe take the time to read some P90X reviews.  An hour to an hour and a half a day of the program will not necessarily make the environment less polluted, but it will certainly help to get you back into shape as if you were running your own self-sufficient farm.  Perhaps once you begin to shrink your waistline, you can begin to consider taking some time to make a healthier impact on the environment by starting your own garden.  Maybe composting your own materials will be next on the list, followed by possibly raising your own chickens.  Not only is this better for the environment, but it is also better for you to have your very own fresh vegetables, herbs, and poultry.




Many companies often cause harm to the environment as part of their normal business processes, especially those in the furniture industry. However, companies which sell furniture made from reclaimed wood have a lesser negative impact on the environment than most other furniture companies. By selling reclaimed furniture online, you can make some money and still help the environment in your own way. This makes your investments in web hosting and web design pricing extremely worthwhile.

How Your Site Can Educate Visitors

Not everyone is aware of just how many trees are consumed to make furniture. Unfortunately, many are also unaware that the wood in many types of furniture can be reused to make newer pieces. Your website can show visitors how they can help the environment by showing them where they can surrender their old wooden furniture so that the wood can be recycled properly. The web design pricing won’t be affected all that much, as such site’s features only uses text, pictures, and perhaps a map to guide the visitors.

How Your Site Can Make Money

The informational aspects of your site can function as a marketing tool because they can help convince visitors to prefer furniture made from reclaimed wood—which you are selling. Your site can then feature pictures which show the beauty and character of these types of furniture. Your web designer should make sure that each piece of furniture you sell fully explains where each piece got its wood, as part of the charm of reclaimed furniture is in its history.

Your website should then offer a secure payment method for your potential customers, and perhaps a review section where they can post their appreciation for the furniture pieces they have bought from your site. All these features will of course add to the web design pricing, but they should also help increase sales as well.

In so many obvious ways, dogs look, act, react, and respond the stimulation given to it in funny way. No wonder if there are so many people like to take dog as their pet. Naturally dogs are carnivores which usually get their food by hunting in the environment. But now days dogs are train to be indoor dog so you don’t have to be worry about its life.

What should you think now is how to give your best treatment in petting them especially feed them in the right way. Here you need to consider for having automatic dog feeder with timer, whenever you are not at home this incredible tool will automatically feed your dog. A lot more tactics and guidelines can be found at the following automatic pet feeder and we fervently recommend that you go to the trouble to visit this pet care web site soon.

So one of my major issues with the environmental movement is quite simply that it doesn’t mean much for the average person.  Don’t get me wrong, long term few things are as important as stabilizing the climate-but it does not affect the daily life of the average person.

So how do we make it more real?

Climate scientists need to make a clear and compelling argument that climate change is directly responsible for major disasters like Hurricane Sally.  No longer is it ok for us to say that the climate is an issue only for Democrats while Republicans will continue to protect business interests.  Last I checked, having your business and entire community destroyed by a super storm isn’t exactly ideal for business is it?

The blood pressure chart gives two important values of normal blood pressure, one of them being the systolic pressure and the other one is the diastolic blood pressure. Blood pressure refers to the force exerted on blood vessels such as arteries and veins during blood circulation. Diastolic pressure is usually determined when one’s heart relaxes while systolic pressure is measured when the heart beats.

These two modes of gauging blood pressure are very important when identifying heart conditions. Doctors usually check the values of blood pressure and compare them to those of a blood pressure chart in order to know what type of pressure the patient is suffering from. Normally, there are three types of this pressure. First, there is high blood pressure, normal blood pressure and low blood pressure.

Blood pressure values are written in the format; systolic pressure/diastolic pressure, that is, if one’s values are higher than 140/90, then he/she has high blood pressure. Normal blood pressure is when the values are 120/80 and below. However, if these values are below 90/60, then the person has low blood pressure. High pressure of blood is called hypertension while low pressure of blood is called hypotension.

Hypertension is usually called the silent killer because it normally goes unnoticed and it has no clear symptoms. A person can only know that he/she is suffering from this condition if he/she goes for regular heart check up. Common symptoms of hypertension are nausea, dizziness, headaches, chest pains, blurred vision, vomiting and shortness of breath.

Chronic hypertension is dangerous because it leads to damaging of vital body organs such as the kidney and it may lead to heart attack and that may consequently lead to death. People are therefore strongly advised to go for blood pressure check up on a regular basis in order to know if they have this condition or not. Early diagnosis of this condition is very essential in treating this condition.

An interest calculator is a tool that will help you to start improving your financial situation dramatically over the next year. There are millions of people that have difficult saving because of the fact that they do not have very much money to put away. However, they also do not know how to go about getting a return that would make the investment worth making. The best way to avoid having to deal with this would be to make use of a calculator that could help you decide if you are putting your money into a savings account that is providing the interest that you are looking for. Also, this would allow you to determine if your returns are accurate and reliable.

Once you are able to do this, you would see that an interest calculator can help you from losing money that might not have been paid to you. It can be very difficult to simply count on the fact that you are getting the returns you are aiming toward. However, you would be able to look into this through the use of this calculator. Once you have an understanding of the money that you are making, you would be able to decide how to save going forward. If you would like to increase the interest you are getting, you may want to explore other options. There are many other alternatives that can help you to increase your returns while keeping your money safe from a potential loss at the same time.

the view from pt lomaRe-Development can be a tricky thing to be sure.  To start, you want to make sure that you have enough business and office space to replace the huge number of jobs which are lost when a base closes.  There is also the issue of losing a sense of community the character which comes from having a military base in close proximity to where you live.

We looked at a similar size base closure project in Pt Loma California (basically 5 miles from downtown San Diego) which has created that same sense of community feeling by having a string of retail businesses open, many of which promote people spending time with neighbors.  One such example is a wine bar, reportedly home to the best wine club in San Diego.  It asks people to bring a bottle of wine at least one time per week, but to make sure they have enough time to enjoy each others company.

ScoopFree is one of the few automatic litter boxes that use crystal litter. Beautiful blue crystals lock in the odor, similar to a baby’s diaper. It is a rake-type box, but since the crystals dissolve when the cat urinates, many of the malfunctions seen in other rake-type boxes are non-existent with the ScoopFree.

Design – How it works

ScoopFree’s patented design uses a stainless-steel rake and disposable cardboard crystal litter trays. Crystal litter is a silica gel that starts in solid granular form and becomes a gel when wet. The gel dissolves and congeals when the cat urinates.

Optical light sensors detect the cat and the rake starts automatically 20 minutes after the cat leaves the box. The rake slides right through the congealed crystals, sifting the feces under a small cover in the tray. Then it flips over and rakes the crystals again to smooth them out.


The ScoopFree automatic cat litter box consists of two parts. The top part is much like a frame and it sits on top of the bottom part, the disposable crystal litter tray. The crystal litter tray is made from cardboard that has been specially treated to repel the cat’s urine. That is, urine does not soak into the cardboard.

However, a competing company has started selling disposable crystal litter trays that fit the ScoopFree box. These trays are called ScoopMaid. That is, the cat’s urine may soak into the cardboard, creating odor and mess. There is a very good YouTube video that demonstrates the problem.

Many users complain about the cost of the ScoopFree crystal litter trays. One industrious user developed a solution – a reusable tray called the Forever Litter Tray. The Forever Litter Tray is a non-disposable tray that users refill with crystal litter.


No cleaning is necessary when you use the disposable trays! This is one of the major advantages of the ScoopFree automated cat litter box. All you have to do is wipe down the plastic with a cloth and replace the tray when needed. If you decide to use the Forever Litter Tray, cleaning will be needed once the litter saturates.

The US Navy has a new recruit and he has already produced a YouTube Video celebrating.   The recruit is actually called CHARLI-2 and is a five foot tall robot.  Charli’s role will primarily to act as a firefighter on board the ships.  Obviously having a huge advantage as being relatively unaffected by smoke.

Here’s Charli demonstrating his flexibility –



It’s only one in range of robots being developed to function in many roles in todays US Navy.  There’s a fascinating article and report on these on the US media site ABC.  If you need to access these, you’ll need to use an Amrican proxy server from outside the US – here’s a link explaining the technique – http://www.proxyusa.com/usvpn



Protecting the environment and promoting sustainability are top priorities underpinning Scotch Whisky’s reputation for quality around the world.

The Scotch Whisky Industry’s Environmental Strategy is the most ambitious, voluntary, environmental sustainability strategy of any single UK manufacturing sector. Launched in June 2009, the strategy aligns members’ ambitions and identifies specific, measurable collective goals which go beyond compliance and lead by example. It encourages sustainability across the industry’s supply chain. It sets a firm programme of action, supported by the whole sector.

The Industry  are looking to mitigate GHG emissions and increase energy efficience, manage their water requirements effectively, reduce the amount of packaging and use more recycled products and all casks will be made from oak sourced from sustainable forests. The goals are strongly aligned to the results of the SWA’s Life Cycle Assessment which demonstrated that 39% of the industry’s impact was directly associated with its manufacturing processes

More specifically, whisky by-products are going to power the homes, in the distillery-rich region of Speyside, by helping to fuel a local biomass energy plant. “Waste products from around 16 of the area’s 50 distilleries will be used at the site, including well-known brands such as Glenlivet, Chivas Regal, Macallan, and Famous Grouse,

Spent grains from the whisky distilling process, known as draff, will be burned along with wood to create electricity at the combined heat and power (CHP) plant. Another byproduct, a high-protein liquid residue called pot ale, will be made into a syrup for animal feed—which will be conveniently made at a plant next door

The industry supports regulation which protects the high-quality environment – the source of essential raw materials. Distillers have a strong record of compliance with environmental legislation and the SWA works with its members to encourage them to share best-practice which will lead to an even stronger performance.

Just how your website seems to be can have an excellent impact on what number of visitors you get. As such, it’s critical that you choose the very best web design template on your content in order to make  the most of the webspace. Web design templates are available in a number of sizes and shapes. A few web design templates can be extremely straightforward while some can be very sturdy, promising associated with fun features and eco-friendly. A new gallery template is just a variety of records that work jointly to produce an unforgettable visible encounter. Additional templates may offer the substitute to see photographs in a fully screen mode.

Even though there are lots of special and showy possibilities, it is better to maintain your web design template neat and straightforward. It doesn’t mean that it should be monotonous. On the contrary, you are able to make your template eco-friendly without generating your web page feel messy. Remember, you wish to maintain audience on the webpage techniques not more than stimulate their feelings making them uneasy. Produce a relaxing electronic surroundings that promotes your target audience to  look around your website. Many advancements come with any template.

You can easily explore a lot of similar web design templates. Therefore, you will need to consider the correct steps in creating a website not simply has a private sparkle with it yet that it is soothing and simple in your visitor’s eye and minds. Preserve everything thoroughly clean, simple and arranged whilst the shades under control when you are determining about the best website template on your content material. Just be sure you tend to be delivering an exceptional picture which an individual will appreciate it apart from anybody else that can make the website memorable in the minds of your respective audience. Comply with these types of basic principles and benefits plus your audience keep wanting more.

A lot of people smoke nowadays. Even teenagers as young as thirteen years old already know how to smoke. This is because of lax laws and of the increasing number or cigarette manufacturers.

This is not just a problem because it causes addiction. It is also one of the major factors contributing to the worsening of the condition of our environment. To let you know about the effects of smoking to nature, just keep reading.

•    In order to dry the tobacco leaves that will be used in cigarettes, hundreds of trees must be cut down in the forests of third world countries. As time passes by, there becomes more demand for cigarettes because more people become addicted to it. As a result, more trees need to be cut and this will cause deforestation.

•    Cigarette butts are non-biodegradable which means that these butts will further increase the amount of waste materials on Earth.

•    Second-hand smoke or the smoke that you breathe out makes the air more polluted and can even cause serious lung problems to those people who inhaled it.

So you see, smoking has a lot of harmful effects to the environment. Instead of smoking, try to do something else that is fruitful.

For example, try to have a pet cat. It isn’t that hard to take care one and the things that it needs are just some place to sleep, food and water and an http://www.automatickittylitterbox.com/. You can also try to participate in sports.

Quitting smoking is easy. You just have to be committed to change.

When you think of green and conservation issues, you’d probably normally not think of the military having much of a role to play.  However that’s actually quite untrue as the military have always been att the forefront of lots of reseach projects including those in the environmental sphere.

The US for example has a research programme dubbed the ’Green Fleet Project’.  This group research how to reduce the Navy’s dependencies on fossil fuels and how they can deply other fuel sources especially clean energy technology. The focus has generally been on introducing biofuels but lots of other areas are being looked at. The US military is one of the largest energy consumers on the face of the planet so there is an obvious advantage to developing cleaner fuels and cheaper ones.

However many Republicans are suggesting this is something we cannot afford at the moment.  They argue that it’s actually too expensive until the technology matures – also ends up being a diversion for essential security concerns

The Pentagon has also been working to make it’s operations greener and you’ll find many solar panels and wind turbines on it’s bases.  Even in Afghanistan most US military installations operate some sort of eco friendly technology.  Although the Navy for example is not seeing any current benefit from using greener technologies the research is vital to push the technology forward.

If you’re interested in this subject check out the Green Programmes on the BBC.  They’re all available online for a limited time and you can watch them through the Iplayer.  If you’re not in the UK you’ll need to use something like this technology to bypass the IP address filters – http://www.theninjaproxy.org/tv/how-to-use-a-bbc-iplayer-proxy/.  It’s just a matter of connecting through a proxy server in order to get a UK IP address.  When you have this you’ll be able to access all of the BBCs shows online.

It even works for watching BBC Iplayer USA on an Ipad or any tablet if you use it’s VPN function.

Mayport is without a doubt, when of the most interesting places in the state of Florida.  It was interesting to see when I started to read the plans for the new Mayport base to find out that the Navy had some discussion about adding space for a wine bar.

I didn’t know sailors or people in Florida were much into wine.

It seems, after talking to a few folks I know that wine gift baskets sell better in Florida than anywhere else in the country.

Anyway, when it comes to Mayport, the area itself is fairly wealthy even for Florida and because the average age is younger than the rest of the state-it stands to reason that having a wine bar, as well as the base itself, would be a good fit for the community.

It is not coincidental to come across people lining up in lending companies to access loans to purchase mobile phones and the iPhone has been one of those. Most of these loans are short term loans that can easily be paid for. However, does it pay out to use all that money to purchase this device? Well, depending on your objectives, loans you access to purchase Smartphone devices can come with their own benefits but still the issuance of money is a factor to consider. Steve Jobs was quoted saying that Apple would become greener than ever.

Research and testing conducted by Greenpeace, it was substantiated that there were toxic substances that could present harmful or negative effects to the environment. This was clarified when the environmental group in the plan decided to take piece by piece of this expensive device where people would pay good money to own, and others are seeking short term loans on the same. The toxic substances found on the latest iPhone include Bromine, and phthalates.  Note that Bromine is widely used in flame retardation, while phthalates is a kind of plastic softener which is no longer allowed in Europe market in the production of toys. Smartphone devices are supposed to be free of PVC.

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