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Gourmet Dining at Pizza Hut?

If you have Pizza Hut coupons to use the first thing that is going to come to mind is probably ordering a pizza! Not everyone (as strange as it may seem to some) is a big pizza fan though. so what could they eat if you go out to Pizza Hut for dinner?

Over the last several years the Pizza Hut menu has expanded a great deal. These days they offer traditional Italian inspired meals like meaty marinara pasta and the ever popular chicken alfredo.

When these dishes were first introduced the company ran a marketing campaign that saw their new pastas served in some rather fancy restaurants. Interestingly enough the diners were surprised when they found out the food cam from as fast food joint like Pizza Hut, but it served to demonstrate that Pizza Hut could serve up great, well cooked food that was more thanĀ  just pizza!

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