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2013 – IPCC Climate Report on Global Warming

It’s official, well nearly – in an important new report by the United Nations climate panel they have concluded that they are 95% certain that humans are to blame for the majority of global warming that has occurred since the 1950s.  The report goes on to detail the physical and scientific evidence that is behind climate change.

The warming of the ground, the air and the oceans – is evident for all to see.  Although it does reference the apparent pause in warming that has occurred in the last 15 years, it is suggested that this is too short to be seen as anything significant in the long term trends.  The panel warn that further damage to the environment and increased temperatures is also an inevitable result if we keep emitting greenhouse gases in the quantity we are currently.


The report refers to the changes that are required in order to stop us seriously altering our climate system over the coming decades.  As always the changes center around substantial and sustained reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.   There is huge political pressure on this report as it actually effects the policies of many world governments.  As such the release is always preceded by very intense negotiations , this is the summary of the global warming position – which will be referenced across the planet.

It is only the beginning though, the initial report is the first out of three reports which will be released over the coming year.  The statements in these reports are the most accurate and comprehensive that our available of our current understanding on both the position and the mechanics of global warming.

Although there is enough doubt and cautiousness to give the climate change skeptics some ammunition, the current understanding is quite plain.  The observed changes in our climate change are man made and are unprecedented over the last millennia.

Each of the last three decades has seen the Earths surface temperature rise, it’s certainly warmer than any period since 1850.  However even this figure is only due to the lack of real records – the suggestion is that our planet’s surface is warmer than at any period over the last 1400 years.  As the temperature rises, then the oceans have warmed and the levels of snow and ice have fallen.

To see the full report you can download a copy from the BBC website – here, you’ll need a PDF reader to view it properly.  There are some interesting programmes being scheduled on UK television over the coming few months – all available online using the iPlayer application – people based outside the UK may need to modify their IP address to view however  – here’s a link. There’s another video explanation of the issue on this site too.


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