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Turning Your Home Green Without Paint

In case you have somehow not noticed, there has been a greening of the United States going on over recent years. No, the landscape is not really changing that much, but people’s personal beliefs about what is acceptable is certainly going through an overhaul. The winds of change are blowing and people are looking for ways to save the planet from our often self destructive ways.  A good place to start this change is right in your own home.


It used to be that people considering a deck installation would just automatically choose to opt for wooden decking boards. They were relatively cheap and there seemed to be an endless supply of them available. If you have priced lumber lately, you already know that buying wooden boards is no longer the cheapest option in many cases. Lumber costs have skyrocketed and even small home projects can be expensive even for people with the ability to perform the labor themselves.   It’s worth shopping around though as there can be quite a bit of variation online,  it’s also worth using a spoof my ip application to hide your address and you may get a better deal.

Home owners today are also interested in looking toward the future before choosing a decking material. The same people who pay attention to ways they can recycle and re-use things around their home are looking for as many ways as they can to keep our home planet looking good. One of the adjustments people are making in their thinking is about ways to get long term value from home improvements. One great way to stay green and actually save money is to look into using composite decking boards. These often are less expensive than traditional wood boards and offer the added advantage of being made from recycled materials. They are also less of a burden to maintain than tradition boards. These boards do not warp like pressure treated lumber and they also do not require fanatical attention to constant upkeep and maintenance like most traditional decking material does. If you plan on staying in the house where you are living right now, it makes sense to look toward the future. Build with materials that will last and you will be grateful later when you do not have to pay to make costly repairs and replacements.


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