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Trump’s Real Blow to Environment

If there’s one issue, that we need the nations of the world to pull together with it’s the environment. Local economic issues are simply not relevant, and short term political gain is not what we expect to see from out leaders. Unfortunately that’s exactly what has happened from one of the world’s most environmentally dangerous leaders – President Trump.

Trump's Future for the World

The choice by the Trump government to pull from the Paris accord sparked condemnation from both inside and outside the USA.
The President of France, Emmanuel Macron stated in a speech at the Elysee Palace that the choice has been a “mistake, both for the US and because of our world”.

“Wherever we live, whoever we are, most of us share the identical duty: create our world great again,” he explained.

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau said in a declaration that Canada had been “deeply disappointed” with the withdrawal and German chancellor Angela Merkel called the choice “extremely regrettable”.    You’d think the president who lives in the same country that brought us the blockbuster disaster movie that he would be able to see a real world disaster looming.  Who knows perhaps his subscription to American Netflix expired or perhaps he’s decided it’s ‘fake news’

Together with Trump withdrawing the US from global leaders in climate change plan, Governor Brown seems to be stepping in to fill the emptiness. On the afternoon of Trump’s statement, Brown issued a statement calling the government’s course of action “misguided and loony”.

“Trump is AWOL but California is keen to support and protect the environment, we’re ready for action,” he explained.

Soon following his return from China, Brown met Germany’s environmental minister Barbara Hendricks.

“China and Germany – two of the most effective nations on the planet – would be working together with California and also with other nations to take care of climate change,” Brown said in a statement. “The present withdrawal in the Paris accord from the Washington government has been beat and countermanded by men and women throughout the entire world”

In recent months, Brown had previously satisfied the environmental ministers of both Canada and Mexico. On June 13, he had been appointed as a special consultant for another United Nations Climate Change Conference, that will happen in November in Bonn, Germany.

“I do not believe we have ever seen anything quite like this campaign with a governor to interact with foreign authorities to indicate to the planet the Trump government’s climate policy doesn’t signify what countless Californians certainly consider what we ought to do to defend the world,” Carlson says ” [It] actually is unprecedented to generate a nation governor a de facto leader of powerful climate policy politics in the usa.”

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