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It might sound like a contrarian view, at least as far as most environmentalists are concerned.  Initially it just sounds wrong, after all scarce resources are mostly at the root of the world’s environmental problems and growing populations are never going to help  that situation.  The world after all has a finite number of these resources and when demand is growing all the time, there seems to be only one outcome.


However to just blame our woes on ‘growth’ is actually a little too simplistic.  After all growth has also created better and more efficient food production, technology has impacted all areas of our world – mostly improving it. Even in areas like energy, their has been a huge growth in the way we use energy and even the amount we use per head.

In medicine, there have been huge improvements with treatments for many diseases and conditions now available for the first time.   Everything here can be linked to economic growth and the majority have not impacted on the use of natural resources at all and in some instance efficiency savings have been positive.

When we replace an inefficient car for travelling to work, use a more fuel efficient jet engine in our planes or even insulate our home and install a newer boiler – all these will benefit the environment despite the resource costs of the new production.

Growth doesn’t need to be a ‘bad word’ in the context of the environment.  After all the growth in solar and clean technologies brings both a net reduction in greenhouse gasses plus all the benefits to living standards and employment for people who work in these industries.   However it does demonstrate that although growth isn’t actually the problem, it’s more the direction with which we pursue this growth.

Developing technologies and pushing areas like fracking is exactly how we shouldn’t pursue economic growth.  Sure there are obvious advantages in the short term which will always look attractive particularly in democratic nations where governments are not rewarded for long term strategies.  There is a growing awareness though that we do need to take these long term views – the media in the UK is increasingly siding on the environmental stage.  Take a look at the British media and TV stations – this is how you watch British TV abroad if you want to access the BBC or other UK stations.

The essence of the argument is that growth is not necessarily bad, in fact in many areas it does produce positive benefits.  However in order to solve our environmental problems then a growth strategy is the important factor.  We can produce more jobs and wealth by focussing on areas that benefit our environment not harm it.

Source: http://www.iplayerabroad.com/bbciplayer-in-spain-uk-proxy/

In case you have somehow not noticed, there has been a greening of the United States going on over recent years. No, the landscape is not really changing that much, but people’s personal beliefs about what is acceptable is certainly going through an overhaul. The winds of change are blowing and people are looking for ways to save the planet from our often self destructive ways.  A good place to start this change is right in your own home.


It used to be that people considering a deck installation would just automatically choose to opt for wooden decking boards. They were relatively cheap and there seemed to be an endless supply of them available. If you have priced lumber lately, you already know that buying wooden boards is no longer the cheapest option in many cases. Lumber costs have skyrocketed and even small home projects can be expensive even for people with the ability to perform the labor themselves.   It’s worth shopping around though as there can be quite a bit of variation online,  it’s also worth using a spoof my ip application to hide your address and you may get a better deal.

Home owners today are also interested in looking toward the future before choosing a decking material. The same people who pay attention to ways they can recycle and re-use things around their home are looking for as many ways as they can to keep our home planet looking good. One of the adjustments people are making in their thinking is about ways to get long term value from home improvements. One great way to stay green and actually save money is to look into using composite decking boards. These often are less expensive than traditional wood boards and offer the added advantage of being made from recycled materials. They are also less of a burden to maintain than tradition boards. These boards do not warp like pressure treated lumber and they also do not require fanatical attention to constant upkeep and maintenance like most traditional decking material does. If you plan on staying in the house where you are living right now, it makes sense to look toward the future. Build with materials that will last and you will be grateful later when you do not have to pay to make costly repairs and replacements.


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It’s a story that is echoed across the world, Government leaders stand up in global forums and conferences and say the right things.  We’ve probably all lost count of the number of world leaders pronouncing war on climate change, and warning about the global effects.  Yet time and time again, this seems to be little more than rhetoric for the sake of the media and global audience.

When it comes to actually tackling the issues the aggressive stance tends to get diluted in the face of the costs or short term economic issues.  I stress that phrase short term, because the long term costs of our current attempts to thwart climate change will be much greater.  Of course, in a democracy that cost will need to be paid by a future legislation, a fundamental problem of why so many governments are failing to tackle the climate change issues.

The situation in Australia is typical with growing discontent with the way their coalition government is tackling climate change. Just watch the Australian media to see how the governments efforts are perceived, there was a great program on last week which was broadcast by ABC, you can catch it via Iview if you have access to an Australian proxy. It’s in places like Australia that we hope to see some dramatic change in policy simply because the country is likely to be effected greatly by a warming planet.    Already there seems to be many more devastating wildfires appearing.


Events like this are a very real reminded of the real world effects of the planet beginning to warm due to climate change. There is also a reduction in the number of climate change skeptics as the main stream view become more difficult to deny.

Australia is in a difficult position due to climate change, there is little doubt about that. It’s economy relies heavily on the extraction and supply of fossil fuels which are behind climate change. Yet it is also a country likely to suffer more than many with it’s largely dry and hot climate. There is a growing feeling that short term prosperity is not worth the potential costs, as tanker after tanker leaves for Asia stuffed with Australian coal.

In a recent poll, over 60% of respondents said that they want Australia to be a world leader in tackling climate change. This would be a great boon to climate change movement but at the moment it’s simply not happening. The same poll showed large scale discontent in the way that the Government is tackling climate change and implementing potential solutions like carbon pricing and alternative clean energy resources.

Ultimately the same debate is happening in developed countries across the world.  The issues are grave but a solution is expensive and painful in the short term, few democratic governments seem to have the strength and resolve to tackle the issue properly preferring to instigate the piecemeal efforts that we are sadly far too late to rely on.

John Hefin is a writer and blogger who works from his base in Ontario, Canada.  He writes on technology and environmental issues and keeps up to date on both areas through the net and by spending too much time at his PC in order to watch iPlayer abroad.  The BBC’s environment coverage is second to none and is worth checking out.


In many posts on this blog, we cover the worrying levels of air pollution across the world. The problem is well noted in places like China where air pollution is staggeringly high. However a recent report suggested that there are real issues with air pollution in North America too.

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A recent report by the American Lung Association (ALA) suggested that nearly 50% of Americans live in areas where the air is bad for their health. That is the air contains high levels of smog and soot particles in the atmosphere which can cause health damage. That’s almost 150 million people who’s health is at risk simply because of the air that they breathe.

The report took their data from a 2 year period 2010-2012, and looked a major American cities and metropolitan areas. In 22 out of the 25 areas, the air quality has got worse and climate change is probably only going to increase that trend with higher levels of smog or ozone.

To some extent the levels were effected by the weather, the temperatures over the report period were much higher than normal – this would cause higher ozone readings. However this is part of the real challenge as temperatures rise then pollution in the air is going to rise too.

The extent to which the pollution can cause health problems has not been extensively researched. However there is a growing belief that the body is affected negatively by much lower levels of smog than was previously thought. There are efforts of course being made to reduce the emissions that cause this pollution – many American cities have made great strides in this area. However it is becoming apparent that this is not nearly enough to even control the quality of our air, let alone improve it.

John Simpson is a technology and environmental blogger.

The updated changes go in to effect on 1 January 2015, the state Xinhua news agency stated on 2 4 April. These very expected changes come in reaction to a huge amount of community angst over pervading pollution that’s stifled China, the globe’s 2nd-biggest market.

An Increasing Pervasive Pollution Problem

Workers have now been unwilling to go to China owing to the state’s higher pollution speeds. This is serious for the Chinese economy, the environment is one aspect of Chinese life that was sacrificed to maintain the country’s economic growth. Now it seems that the costs are starting to mount, the reality that you cannot indefinitely pollute the land you live on, the water you drink and the air your citizens breathe. An increase in concern is long overdue in China over


Japanese electronics leading Panasonic pronounced in March 2014 it’ll spend a wage premium to its workers working in China, compensating them for enduring China’s pollution.

Panasonic is considered to be the first company to pronounce a premium that compensates for polluted atmosphere.

Previously, in March, Initial Li Keqiang declared a “war on pollution” throughout the state’s yearly parliamentary session.

In 2013 several towns in China, the planet’s biggest vehicle marketplace, have determined to limit the sale of new automobiles. Quickening deliveries have driven municipalities to step-up attempts to fight air pollution.

Land pollution has become increasingly widespread as information of tainted rice and other harvests appears. The latest report that was published last week suggested that nearly 60% of China’s ground water was polluted – a huge figure and something that has genuinely scared the Chinese. There is a report out detailing some of these concerns – you can pick it up from YouTube and on Netflix, you’ll need to access the US version – try this link Watch US Netflix in Canada.

There is an expectation that some good might come from this Chinese crisis, at least in environmental technology. There are reports of some serious money being channeled into research for greener energy sources and technologies. There are some documentaries currently available on the BBC iPlayer which details some of these areas, including some fascinating research in Spain, you can get access by this technique.

Even among environmentalists, wind power is a fairly controversial subject. Many people object to it’s use particularly when huge turbines are placed across our countryside. Other’s argue that it is inefficient and simply not cost effective and other sources of energy like solar should be pursued. So a recent report should be very welcome from those who advocate wind power as an important part of our energy requirements.

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland has reported that wind power has saved Ireland upwards of one million Euros in energy costs, reduced the level of greenhouse gas emissions and all this without affecting customer’s energy bills. It’s said that Ireland’s wind profile is one the best, something that many Winter visitors would attest to.
Wind Farms

The organisation defended the people who criticised the turbines and the effect on the landscape by insisting that they would be careful where these turbines would be sited. There are many sparsely populated areas and boggy marshes where it’s unlikely to cause an issue. He added that many wind farms have been accepted into communities who have no real issue with them.

There is perhaps more leeway for using wind farms in Ireland and across the water in the United Kingdom purely because there is more space to locate these turbines in areas where the population will not be affected. You can see loads of coverage in local news across the United Kingdom on the BBC website about the protests against wind farms – if you want to watch the actual reports this page explains how to get BBC Iplayer in Ireland.

There is a worry in France for many environmentalists, specifically those who backed the current President – Francoise Hollande in the last election. Many of them voted for him because of a single important pledge – to reduce the country’s reliance on nuclear power for it’s energy needs. The issue is becoming a major concern with an increase in coverage in the mainstream media not just ‘green’ coverage, you can access most online from outside the country by using a France proxy.

Nuclear Power Stations

In fact he promised to halve the use of nuclear energy, which is no small feat for France. The country is the world’s biggest user of atomic energy, about three quarters of all it’s energy is derived in this way. But even if you don’t have objections to nuclear power on environmental concerns, there is a big problem with France’s reliance on this energy. Most of the nuclear reactors are now approaching the limit of their life expectancy, the majority were built in the 1970s and 40 years is considered a safe lifespan.

This means that the majority of the stations should really be decommission shortly, although there seems to be a lack of preparation to do this. Most expect that the aging stations will be kept open a little longer. The problem is that switching to different energy forms is extremely expensive, and will very likely effect the economy in the short term.

The discussion is likely to be quite lively, environmentalists have trusted President Hollande with their vote on this issue but the economic implications could be huge. France’s economy is still almost stagnant and it’s recovery is still among the weakest in Europe – the cost implications of a switch in it’s energy base would likely slow the economy even more.

It’s an interesting debate and one that is probably going to be repeated in other countries across the world. Here’s another source of information on changing your ip address so you can access French only content through a proxy – read this.

Japan Starts Turning Green

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There has been a noticeable change in attitudes in Japan since the events of 2011.  The earthquake and Tsunami obviously had a devastating effect, but it’s probably the disaster at Fukushima which were the real turning point for the Japanese people.   The change has been noticeable among both businesses and individuals with all sorts of ‘green energy’ projects springing up all over the country.

There have been cooperatives established by businesses and citizens to help create new energy sources.  In the city of Odawara, a group of companies have established an independent energy company to help provide an alternative to nuclear based plants.    They are focusing initially on solar energy, by installing panels in strategic locations through out the city, but also construction has begun for a large solar plant which is hoped will supply energy for around 300 households.


There is a genuine drive to try and take lessons from the tragic events to make Japan a better place.  Japan was of course famous for it’s high growth rate at the turn of the last century, an economic boom that was largely supported by over consumption domestically.  The dumps and tips in Tokyo were full of one and two year old TV sets as the Japanese upgraded routinely in all manner of products.  But you can feel the change, the events of March 2011 and the decade of stagnation in the economy have made the Japanese think again of repeating the same mistakes.

If you watch  the Japanese media you’ll see a huge difference in attitude from the 1980s and 90s, although you’ll need some language skills and use of a Japanese proxy in order to listen to them.   This is a much different society,  one that has changed it’s priorities.   There’s a good hope that this change in direction will benefit green technology directly with an increase in research and development in this area.    We have seen all ready a Japanese firm generating electricity from the food waste of a noodle factory and the pulp from an nearby orange juice maker.

It’s not all good news on the environmental front though, there are still some who think the future needs nuclear power.   The Government is currently drafting it’s latest energy policy and nuclear certainly plays an important part in that.   Public opinion is definitely against this, stories of radiation poisoning which keep appearing are likely to polarize this view.

For more information on technology citations: please see here.

Campaigners for the environmental organisation Greenpeace have been criticising one of the world’s largest supermarket chains – Tesco. They claim that the supermarket in 2012 pledged to ensure that they only stock sustainably fished tuna on it’s shelves – but had broken that promise.

The group have said that Tesco is stocking budget tuna from the low cost supplier Oriental and Pacific. This supplier is believed to use large nets called purse seines, which are harmful to other sea life. There is some confusion over the claims though which the supermarket chain deny and the manufacturer claim is misleading.

The recognised sustainable way to catch tuna is by using a pole and line, the primary benefit is that no other creatures are caught by accident. Tesco has promoted it’s ethical standpoint on tuna fishing heavily so this accusation is extremely embarrassing.

The company who owns Oriental and Pacific tuna, claims that 85% of it’s tuna is caught using the ethical manner. However it did admit that the specific brand Tesco uses is caught using large nets. It’s unclear on what basis Tesco are denying the claims when the manufacturer had in fact confirmed it. Some celebrity chefs have called for consumers to boycott buying this tuna and the supermarkets who are supplying it.

There is a concern among many environmentalists that many companies are using green issues to promote their products and brands, but the reality is many are only paying lip service to the issue rather than actually doing anything about it. The example of Tesco seems to be very typical of the attitude of many large corporations who wish to promote an environmentally friendly image without any of the costs involved. It’s unknown what sort of effect this bad publicity is going to have on Tesco but the UK is a fairly environmentally sensitive market so it will be interesting to see. You can watch the news updates and coverage of this issue on the BBC site and the Iplayer application – this method allows you to hide your location and watch the UK only programmes over the internet. It’s merely a method of changing your IP address using proxies in order to bypass the many blocks on major media sites – check this out for more information.

In the UK at the moment, there’s a big argument about whether we should be spending about £50 billion on a new high speed rail link called HS2. There’s a parade of businessmen who announce that it is essential, lots of people muttering about essential infrastructure all lined up against the thousands of people who will have to move, the environmentalists and people who simply don’t want to see even more of a small island carved up.

The benefits are often not very tangible, often references are made to the employment benefits which seems a little odd.  After all following  that logic you could invest in a series of statues, or a copy of stonehenge for every town in the land – all would bring the employment benefits.  The one main benefit I have heard cited is that it would take twenty minutes off a train journey from Birmingham to London which does sound very fast.  But do we live in such a fast paced world that 20 minutes is that essential, I frequently spend that queued up in roadworks outside the Train station car park.

The reality is that any environmental benefits portrayed by this scheme are also dubious.  After all the carbon cost of building the link initially is going to be so huge that the benefits would have to be huge to justify them.  But they are simply not, it’s about time not about taking traffic off the roads, it’s unlikely there would be much of reduction.

The real answer has got be to be teleworking, invest all that money in a seriously fast fiber network across the land instead. Don’t let people rush around the country having twenty minute meetings with each other, do it all in teleconferences.   Fire up their laptops, pcs and tablets and have that meeting online – nobody has to leave their house and the meeting will be just as productive.

IN fact we could make it global, stop investing in more and more airports, and environmentally damaging air travel and let people do business online. There’s no technical reason why meetings can’t happen over video conferencing merely using our own equipment – no one needs expensive video suites any more – a tablet, a pc or laptop will do fine.  Certainly there are often some issues with locations but those can be circumvented too –

This video is called how to get a fake IP address. It demonstrates that you can make security changes and bypass the various blocks and filters online relatively easily when required. It’s simple stuff and certainly very easy to set up. Imagine the costs involved both financially and environmentally in bringing just a handful of people from across Europe into a short meeting in London. There’s no reason why this shouldn’t happen, and the meeting can be just as effective perhaps even more so as jet lag and tiredness become less of a factor. A business man living in Spain can have several European meetings in a day and then still watch Eastenders in the evening using his laptop whilst relaxing by a pool in Marbella ! Here’s a link if you need help with that scenario – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytJHSDsicog!!

First let’s examine what our animals consume.  I don’t need my puppy ingesting that even though I’m astonished at what he’ll scrounge on the walks and consider edible. With the higher interest in organic and natural meals for folks, there are actually many alternatives for healthful, natural, and even organic pet food.

Check  labels. I acquired a fresh model of treats on my last visit to the supermarket. But, the elements didn’t contain any chicken! I left it in the ledge. Your Dog Food Project offers a complete listing of pet food ingredients.

He loved it and it seemed great from my viewpoint with assorted designs of kibble in brilliant colours. Then I recognized with all those brilliant colours, it has to feature lots of food dyes. I was right. I won’t be purchasing that merchandise. It was intended more for my satisfaction than Casey’s health.

No notion of the facts because. Still this product was only the other for the kibble. The minced mouse was intended for the cat’s satisfaction without any thought for the acceptability from the cat owner.

Having your dog and keeping the environment impact to a minimum is not difficult.

This Eco-friendly disposable dog feeder can help you to do that. This is made from sugar cane fiber, this product is perfect for the healthy environment because it is 100% sustainable, biodegradable and 100% tree free. If you are traveling or going to the park to take a afternoon walk with your dog, this is the perfect feeder that you can carry. They are durable enough to be used, rinsed and reused, but inexpensive enough to toss them out without any guilt. They are 6″ in diameter and hold 16 oz, pretty small to carry around.

The other alternative is an auto dog feeder if you do not like the disposable one. It is very easy to use but usually it is for indoor only. It has the timer set that does not require the owners to wake up at 4 in the morning to feed their pet.

It’s official, well nearly – in an important new report by the United Nations climate panel they have concluded that they are 95% certain that humans are to blame for the majority of global warming that has occurred since the 1950s.  The report goes on to detail the physical and scientific evidence that is behind climate change.

The warming of the ground, the air and the oceans – is evident for all to see.  Although it does reference the apparent pause in warming that has occurred in the last 15 years, it is suggested that this is too short to be seen as anything significant in the long term trends.  The panel warn that further damage to the environment and increased temperatures is also an inevitable result if we keep emitting greenhouse gases in the quantity we are currently.


The report refers to the changes that are required in order to stop us seriously altering our climate system over the coming decades.  As always the changes center around substantial and sustained reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.   There is huge political pressure on this report as it actually effects the policies of many world governments.  As such the release is always preceded by very intense negotiations , this is the summary of the global warming position – which will be referenced across the planet.

It is only the beginning though, the initial report is the first out of three reports which will be released over the coming year.  The statements in these reports are the most accurate and comprehensive that our available of our current understanding on both the position and the mechanics of global warming.

Although there is enough doubt and cautiousness to give the climate change skeptics some ammunition, the current understanding is quite plain.  The observed changes in our climate change are man made and are unprecedented over the last millennia.

Each of the last three decades has seen the Earths surface temperature rise, it’s certainly warmer than any period since 1850.  However even this figure is only due to the lack of real records – the suggestion is that our planet’s surface is warmer than at any period over the last 1400 years.  As the temperature rises, then the oceans have warmed and the levels of snow and ice have fallen.

To see the full report you can download a copy from the BBC website – here, you’ll need a PDF reader to view it properly.  There are some interesting programmes being scheduled on UK television over the coming few months – all available online using the iPlayer application – people based outside the UK may need to modify their IP address to view however  – here’s a link. There’s another video explanation of the issue on this site too.



Cleaning the environment is important because it will protect our health, this beautiful and wonderful world is turning into a garbage heap help clean it. If you don’t have clean environment pollution will spread and nature will die. Remember cleanliness is close to godliness. Imagine how we live in a dirty environment, what will happen to us? It’s too hard to imagine, every people can’t live without this environment. All of us want this environment to spend our life. So we get many things from environment. Every day the environment is getting worse, who’s responsible is this? Absolutely that belongs to us.

It is important to keep your environment clean as important for owning automatic pet feeder for your lovely pet. By the clean environment so that no one is breathing from the polluted air, and so the plants and animals don’t breath the polluted air, and don’t forget that if the pollution causes any damage to the plants and trees, then that could cause human extinction because we need plants and animals to survive, plants give us oxygen and animals give us food, they relate to each other.

One of the aspects of the long term environment that I find pretty darn interesting is the relation between food production and water conservation.  In fact, a more secure and local food economy is likely to strain water resources even more than they are already.

A city like Mayport, might have some options which simply are not available everywhere.  As an example, if rainfall changes significantly, can we build desalinization plants, powered by reusable energy to create water for our farms? For the thriving gifts, local food and gift baskets businesses that exist in Mayport, isn’t that something that we owe to them?

Finding a good payment calculator can be next to impossible if users are unsure of what features they need, what specifications they require, and what will work best for their individual payment. Using  payment calculator can be incredibly helpful when it comes to finding out just how much a payment is going to be and figuring out how much of your pay each month will be devoted to these payments. Many sites offer their own individual payment calculators that are specific to the loan that they are working with but with a site like PaymentBot, there are a variety of loan calculators that can help just about anyone estimate a payment. Using a site like PaymentBot can help to reduce difficulty and make using a payment calculator worlds easier.

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PaymentBot is a site that offers a wide range of tools to help just about every user figure out what payments they are going to be making, what payments they should be making, and how much of their pay each month will be dedicated to payments. Using a calculator can really help to reduce tension and make figuring up a payment worlds easier. Using calculators to figure up traditional loans, nontraditional loans, special circumstance loans, or even just to figure out how good an interest rate can save users time and money when it comes to setting their loan payment each month. Knowing a bit about these calculators can help make using one worlds easier.

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James Williams, iPlayer USA

Protecting the Environment

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Napa Valley is known for one single thing above all else-it’s wine.  A major tourist destination and one of the only true tourist destinations in the world centered around an agricultural product, Napa Valley has been home to some of the most intense and contentious fights over the environment anywhere in the world, for well over 30 years.

At the cruz of the argument is something simple.  In an effort, after the wine industry started taking off in the late 70’s, to keep its character much of the Napa Valley area is protected from new development by an agreement called the Ag Preserve.  Of course, everyone loves the concept of the Ag Preserve, except when it stops them from doing what they want.  Growers want less restrictions on the percentage of land they can plant on.  Vintners want less restrictions on the marketing events they can hold at their wineries. Developers want to be able to build more houses.  ETC ETC.  It makes me wonder if the Ag Preserve can survive and if it is a viable example for the rest of the country at all.

What do you think?

There was a time when people didn’t run out to the grocery store for everything from lettuce to chicken breasts.  People were self sufficient, being able to grow their own produce and raise their own meat.  During these simpler times, people were also far less reliant on transportation that causes pollution.  Rather, everything they needed was provided for them right outside their front doors.  As a result, not only was the environment better, but people were healthier and more active.  

Granted, not all of us have the means of self-sustainability, as we have to work our 9-5 jobs, then run the kids to soccer practices, and figure out a time somewhere in between to maintain our McMansions and pick up dinner at the drive thru.  It leaves very little time for us to do things like grow our own food, and what’s more, to exercise.  The amount of time we spend in our cars and behind the desk add to a growing waistline and a smaller bank account.  While we may not all be able to find the time to maintain our own gardens and grow our own produce and raise our own meat, perhaps we can all find the time in the day to exercise.  

Somewhere in between our careers and the drive thru window, maybe take the time to read some P90X reviews.  An hour to an hour and a half a day of the program will not necessarily make the environment less polluted, but it will certainly help to get you back into shape as if you were running your own self-sufficient farm.  Perhaps once you begin to shrink your waistline, you can begin to consider taking some time to make a healthier impact on the environment by starting your own garden.  Maybe composting your own materials will be next on the list, followed by possibly raising your own chickens.  Not only is this better for the environment, but it is also better for you to have your very own fresh vegetables, herbs, and poultry.




Many companies often cause harm to the environment as part of their normal business processes, especially those in the furniture industry. However, companies which sell furniture made from reclaimed wood have a lesser negative impact on the environment than most other furniture companies. By selling reclaimed furniture online, you can make some money and still help the environment in your own way. This makes your investments in web hosting and web design pricing extremely worthwhile.

How Your Site Can Educate Visitors

Not everyone is aware of just how many trees are consumed to make furniture. Unfortunately, many are also unaware that the wood in many types of furniture can be reused to make newer pieces. Your website can show visitors how they can help the environment by showing them where they can surrender their old wooden furniture so that the wood can be recycled properly. The web design pricing won’t be affected all that much, as such site’s features only uses text, pictures, and perhaps a map to guide the visitors.

How Your Site Can Make Money

The informational aspects of your site can function as a marketing tool because they can help convince visitors to prefer furniture made from reclaimed wood—which you are selling. Your site can then feature pictures which show the beauty and character of these types of furniture. Your web designer should make sure that each piece of furniture you sell fully explains where each piece got its wood, as part of the charm of reclaimed furniture is in its history.

Your website should then offer a secure payment method for your potential customers, and perhaps a review section where they can post their appreciation for the furniture pieces they have bought from your site. All these features will of course add to the web design pricing, but they should also help increase sales as well.

In so many obvious ways, dogs look, act, react, and respond the stimulation given to it in funny way. No wonder if there are so many people like to take dog as their pet. Naturally dogs are carnivores which usually get their food by hunting in the environment. But now days dogs are train to be indoor dog so you don’t have to be worry about its life.

What should you think now is how to give your best treatment in petting them especially feed them in the right way. Here you need to consider for having automatic dog feeder with timer, whenever you are not at home this incredible tool will automatically feed your dog. A lot more tactics and guidelines can be found at the following automatic pet feeder and we fervently recommend that you go to the trouble to visit this pet care web site soon.

So one of my major issues with the environmental movement is quite simply that it doesn’t mean much for the average person.  Don’t get me wrong, long term few things are as important as stabilizing the climate-but it does not affect the daily life of the average person.

So how do we make it more real?

Climate scientists need to make a clear and compelling argument that climate change is directly responsible for major disasters like Hurricane Sally.  No longer is it ok for us to say that the climate is an issue only for Democrats while Republicans will continue to protect business interests.  Last I checked, having your business and entire community destroyed by a super storm isn’t exactly ideal for business is it?

The blood pressure chart gives two important values of normal blood pressure, one of them being the systolic pressure and the other one is the diastolic blood pressure. Blood pressure refers to the force exerted on blood vessels such as arteries and veins during blood circulation. Diastolic pressure is usually determined when one’s heart relaxes while systolic pressure is measured when the heart beats.

These two modes of gauging blood pressure are very important when identifying heart conditions. Doctors usually check the values of blood pressure and compare them to those of a blood pressure chart in order to know what type of pressure the patient is suffering from. Normally, there are three types of this pressure. First, there is high blood pressure, normal blood pressure and low blood pressure.

Blood pressure values are written in the format; systolic pressure/diastolic pressure, that is, if one’s values are higher than 140/90, then he/she has high blood pressure. Normal blood pressure is when the values are 120/80 and below. However, if these values are below 90/60, then the person has low blood pressure. High pressure of blood is called hypertension while low pressure of blood is called hypotension.

Hypertension is usually called the silent killer because it normally goes unnoticed and it has no clear symptoms. A person can only know that he/she is suffering from this condition if he/she goes for regular heart check up. Common symptoms of hypertension are nausea, dizziness, headaches, chest pains, blurred vision, vomiting and shortness of breath.

Chronic hypertension is dangerous because it leads to damaging of vital body organs such as the kidney and it may lead to heart attack and that may consequently lead to death. People are therefore strongly advised to go for blood pressure check up on a regular basis in order to know if they have this condition or not. Early diagnosis of this condition is very essential in treating this condition.

Keeping Your Money Safe

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An interest calculator is a tool that will help you to start improving your financial situation dramatically over the next year. There are millions of people that have difficult saving because of the fact that they do not have very much money to put away. However, they also do not know how to go about getting a return that would make the investment worth making. The best way to avoid having to deal with this would be to make use of a calculator that could help you decide if you are putting your money into a savings account that is providing the interest that you are looking for. Also, this would allow you to determine if your returns are accurate and reliable.

Once you are able to do this, you would see that an interest calculator can help you from losing money that might not have been paid to you. It can be very difficult to simply count on the fact that you are getting the returns you are aiming toward. However, you would be able to look into this through the use of this calculator. Once you have an understanding of the money that you are making, you would be able to decide how to save going forward. If you would like to increase the interest you are getting, you may want to explore other options. There are many other alternatives that can help you to increase your returns while keeping your money safe from a potential loss at the same time.

the view from pt lomaRe-Development can be a tricky thing to be sure.  To start, you want to make sure that you have enough business and office space to replace the huge number of jobs which are lost when a base closes.  There is also the issue of losing a sense of community the character which comes from having a military base in close proximity to where you live.

We looked at a similar size base closure project in Pt Loma California (basically 5 miles from downtown San Diego) which has created that same sense of community feeling by having a string of retail businesses open, many of which promote people spending time with neighbors.  One such example is a wine bar, reportedly home to the best wine club in San Diego.  It asks people to bring a bottle of wine at least one time per week, but to make sure they have enough time to enjoy each others company.

ScoopFree is one of the few automatic litter boxes that use crystal litter. Beautiful blue crystals lock in the odor, similar to a baby’s diaper. It is a rake-type box, but since the crystals dissolve when the cat urinates, many of the malfunctions seen in other rake-type boxes are non-existent with the ScoopFree.

Design – How it works

ScoopFree’s patented design uses a stainless-steel rake and disposable cardboard crystal litter trays. Crystal litter is a silica gel that starts in solid granular form and becomes a gel when wet. The gel dissolves and congeals when the cat urinates.

Optical light sensors detect the cat and the rake starts automatically 20 minutes after the cat leaves the box. The rake slides right through the congealed crystals, sifting the feces under a small cover in the tray. Then it flips over and rakes the crystals again to smooth them out.


The ScoopFree automatic cat litter box consists of two parts. The top part is much like a frame and it sits on top of the bottom part, the disposable crystal litter tray. The crystal litter tray is made from cardboard that has been specially treated to repel the cat’s urine. That is, urine does not soak into the cardboard.

However, a competing company has started selling disposable crystal litter trays that fit the ScoopFree box. These trays are called ScoopMaid. That is, the cat’s urine may soak into the cardboard, creating odor and mess. There is a very good YouTube video that demonstrates the problem.

Many users complain about the cost of the ScoopFree crystal litter trays. One industrious user developed a solution – a reusable tray called the Forever Litter Tray. The Forever Litter Tray is a non-disposable tray that users refill with crystal litter.


No cleaning is necessary when you use the disposable trays! This is one of the major advantages of the ScoopFree automated cat litter box. All you have to do is wipe down the plastic with a cloth and replace the tray when needed. If you decide to use the Forever Litter Tray, cleaning will be needed once the litter saturates.

US Navy’s Latest Recruit

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The US Navy has a new recruit and he has already produced a YouTube Video celebrating.   The recruit is actually called CHARLI-2 and is a five foot tall robot.  Charli’s role will primarily to act as a firefighter on board the ships.  Obviously having a huge advantage as being relatively unaffected by smoke.

Here’s Charli demonstrating his flexibility –



It’s only one in range of robots being developed to function in many roles in todays US Navy.  There’s a fascinating article and report on these on the US media site ABC.  If you need to access these, you’ll need to use an Amrican proxy server from outside the US – here’s a link explaining the technique – http://www.proxyusa.com/usvpn



Whisky Environmental Changes

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Protecting the environment and promoting sustainability are top priorities underpinning Scotch Whisky’s reputation for quality around the world.

The Scotch Whisky Industry’s Environmental Strategy is the most ambitious, voluntary, environmental sustainability strategy of any single UK manufacturing sector. Launched in June 2009, the strategy aligns members’ ambitions and identifies specific, measurable collective goals which go beyond compliance and lead by example. It encourages sustainability across the industry’s supply chain. It sets a firm programme of action, supported by the whole sector.

The Industry  are looking to mitigate GHG emissions and increase energy efficience, manage their water requirements effectively, reduce the amount of packaging and use more recycled products and all casks will be made from oak sourced from sustainable forests. The goals are strongly aligned to the results of the SWA’s Life Cycle Assessment which demonstrated that 39% of the industry’s impact was directly associated with its manufacturing processes

More specifically, whisky by-products are going to power the homes, in the distillery-rich region of Speyside, by helping to fuel a local biomass energy plant. “Waste products from around 16 of the area’s 50 distilleries will be used at the site, including well-known brands such as Glenlivet, Chivas Regal, Macallan, and Famous Grouse,

Spent grains from the whisky distilling process, known as draff, will be burned along with wood to create electricity at the combined heat and power (CHP) plant. Another byproduct, a high-protein liquid residue called pot ale, will be made into a syrup for animal feed—which will be conveniently made at a plant next door

The industry supports regulation which protects the high-quality environment – the source of essential raw materials. Distillers have a strong record of compliance with environmental legislation and the SWA works with its members to encourage them to share best-practice which will lead to an even stronger performance.

Just how your website seems to be can have an excellent impact on what number of visitors you get. As such, it’s critical that you choose the very best web design template on your content in order to make  the most of the webspace. Web design templates are available in a number of sizes and shapes. A few web design templates can be extremely straightforward while some can be very sturdy, promising associated with fun features and eco-friendly. A new gallery template is just a variety of records that work jointly to produce an unforgettable visible encounter. Additional templates may offer the substitute to see photographs in a fully screen mode.

Even though there are lots of special and showy possibilities, it is better to maintain your web design template neat and straightforward. It doesn’t mean that it should be monotonous. On the contrary, you are able to make your template eco-friendly without generating your web page feel messy. Remember, you wish to maintain audience on the webpage techniques not more than stimulate their feelings making them uneasy. Produce a relaxing electronic surroundings that promotes your target audience to  look around your website. Many advancements come with any template.

You can easily explore a lot of similar web design templates. Therefore, you will need to consider the correct steps in creating a website not simply has a private sparkle with it yet that it is soothing and simple in your visitor’s eye and minds. Preserve everything thoroughly clean, simple and arranged whilst the shades under control when you are determining about the best website template on your content material. Just be sure you tend to be delivering an exceptional picture which an individual will appreciate it apart from anybody else that can make the website memorable in the minds of your respective audience. Comply with these types of basic principles and benefits plus your audience keep wanting more.

A lot of people smoke nowadays. Even teenagers as young as thirteen years old already know how to smoke. This is because of lax laws and of the increasing number or cigarette manufacturers.

This is not just a problem because it causes addiction. It is also one of the major factors contributing to the worsening of the condition of our environment. To let you know about the effects of smoking to nature, just keep reading.

•    In order to dry the tobacco leaves that will be used in cigarettes, hundreds of trees must be cut down in the forests of third world countries. As time passes by, there becomes more demand for cigarettes because more people become addicted to it. As a result, more trees need to be cut and this will cause deforestation.

•    Cigarette butts are non-biodegradable which means that these butts will further increase the amount of waste materials on Earth.

•    Second-hand smoke or the smoke that you breathe out makes the air more polluted and can even cause serious lung problems to those people who inhaled it.

So you see, smoking has a lot of harmful effects to the environment. Instead of smoking, try to do something else that is fruitful.

For example, try to have a pet cat. It isn’t that hard to take care one and the things that it needs are just some place to sleep, food and water and an http://www.automatickittylitterbox.com/. You can also try to participate in sports.

Quitting smoking is easy. You just have to be committed to change.

When you think of green and conservation issues, you’d probably normally not think of the military having much of a role to play.  However that’s actually quite untrue as the military have always been att the forefront of lots of reseach projects including those in the environmental sphere.

The US for example has a research programme dubbed the ’Green Fleet Project’.  This group research how to reduce the Navy’s dependencies on fossil fuels and how they can deply other fuel sources especially clean energy technology. The focus has generally been on introducing biofuels but lots of other areas are being looked at. The US military is one of the largest energy consumers on the face of the planet so there is an obvious advantage to developing cleaner fuels and cheaper ones.

However many Republicans are suggesting this is something we cannot afford at the moment.  They argue that it’s actually too expensive until the technology matures – also ends up being a diversion for essential security concerns

The Pentagon has also been working to make it’s operations greener and you’ll find many solar panels and wind turbines on it’s bases.  Even in Afghanistan most US military installations operate some sort of eco friendly technology.  Although the Navy for example is not seeing any current benefit from using greener technologies the research is vital to push the technology forward.

If you’re interested in this subject check out the Green Programmes on the BBC.  They’re all available online for a limited time and you can watch them through the Iplayer.  If you’re not in the UK you’ll need to use something like this technology to bypass the IP address filters – http://www.theninjaproxy.org/tv/how-to-use-a-bbc-iplayer-proxy/.  It’s just a matter of connecting through a proxy server in order to get a UK IP address.  When you have this you’ll be able to access all of the BBCs shows online.

It even works for watching BBC Iplayer USA on an Ipad or any tablet if you use it’s VPN function.

The Navy, Mayport and Wine

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Mayport is without a doubt, when of the most interesting places in the state of Florida.  It was interesting to see when I started to read the plans for the new Mayport base to find out that the Navy had some discussion about adding space for a wine bar.

I didn’t know sailors or people in Florida were much into wine.

It seems, after talking to a few folks I know that wine gift baskets sell better in Florida than anywhere else in the country.

Anyway, when it comes to Mayport, the area itself is fairly wealthy even for Florida and because the average age is younger than the rest of the state-it stands to reason that having a wine bar, as well as the base itself, would be a good fit for the community.

It is not coincidental to come across people lining up in lending companies to access loans to purchase mobile phones and the iPhone has been one of those. Most of these loans are short term loans that can easily be paid for. However, does it pay out to use all that money to purchase this device? Well, depending on your objectives, loans you access to purchase Smartphone devices can come with their own benefits but still the issuance of money is a factor to consider. Steve Jobs was quoted saying that Apple would become greener than ever.

Research and testing conducted by Greenpeace, it was substantiated that there were toxic substances that could present harmful or negative effects to the environment. This was clarified when the environmental group in the plan decided to take piece by piece of this expensive device where people would pay good money to own, and others are seeking short term loans on the same. The toxic substances found on the latest iPhone include Bromine, and phthalates.  Note that Bromine is widely used in flame retardation, while phthalates is a kind of plastic softener which is no longer allowed in Europe market in the production of toys. Smartphone devices are supposed to be free of PVC.

Why buy an iPhone if you can get a free iPhone here!


While loans to buy vehicles seem to be increasing each day, the money to help put it on the road may also increase at the same time depending on the rise of gas prices. Although the concept on the impact of high gas prices on car sales is a question that can be argued on different levels. For one, the rise on the prices will not change the fact that you may need to seek loans in order to buy automobiles (if you need financing to buy a car check this info page: http://geldlenenvooreenauto.com/huurkoop-auto-zonder-bkr-toetsing/ ); on the other hand, this does not affect the amount of money needed for repairs. 

Generally, the whole idea on gas and the car are two different things, however, financial meltdown may not just affect prices on the gas, but they can also affect the amount of money you pay when purchasing a car as well as the terms and conditions affecting lenders, and thus the effects on loans. Sometimes, the sales on auto vehicles can fall or rise according to the change in economy, which may also impact the entire sales in gas. Perhaps when those two factors connect, then we can say that prices in gas have seemingly affected the sale of automobiles, although the bottom line is that these two factors rarely connect.

As a Subzero refrigerator dealer located near Mayport, I fully support all efforts to grow the economy in the area.  The idea of increasing the naval presence in the area is one hundred percent positive in my mind.

When more people live and work in the Mayport area, all small businesses prosper.  The small business – the foundation of wealth in our country – thrives when its customers thrive, and the glue of economic prosperity is disposable income.

An increased military presence is wonderful for increasing local wealth.  Let us think for a minute how our Navy is funded – our tax dollars are sent to Washington D.C. When the Navy comes to town they are essentially bringing the dollars we send up North back to our local community.

When the wife of a Navy Captain goes to her local bakery to buy bread, it helps us all.  Not only does the baker make a little more money, but the rest of us do too due to the multiplier event.  The baker will spend that additional income on supplies like flour, wages for a cook, and perhaps payments on a new Sub Zero refrigerator for his or her food preparation area.

More Navy vessels in Mayport?  I’m all for it!

Environment and Human Activity

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In a way most people are concerned about the environment. Nobody wants to live in a world that is scorched by green house gases, nor in one where flooding has wiped away many beautiful natural areas. We don’t want to see the Amazon rainforest disappear or the Sahara desert cover Africa. Few people dispute the findings of scientists concerning the imminent threat threat posed by climate change.

The average American family loves to get out in nature when it can to go fishing, camping, hiking or just to watch the birds and stare at the views. All our great writers, poets and painters understood the healing power of nature. Thoreau deliberately isolated himself from humanity to prove the point that man can live ’naturally’.

What is more open to debate is the level of priority that should be given to preserving nature. Are we really expected to stop all human industry in vast swathes of the country to allow nature to get on with its thing? This is an unrealistic goal. Man and other animals have been around since the dawn of time changing the landscape, interacting with nature, refininig nature and using natural resources. According to Gaia Theory nature will find a way to regulate mankind. I’m not so sure of this.

I am an engineer in the navy. I specialize in CNC turning and grinding as well as procurement of forging die electrodes. This technology is used for making military ships and airplanes. I feel we also need to protect American citizens from threats from abroad. These threats are real. 9/11 proved that.

Moreover, the Mayport Naval Base where I work provides jobs for thousands of people. Until we find an alternative system of clothing, feeding and housing people than the current one that is based on economic transactions and money  will just have to do. We will just have to make sure that our actions are not incompatible with the environmental health of the planet. Real life solutions are needed, not wishful thinking that nature should take over.

Mayport and The Economy

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The economy in Maryland is struggling, I think most of us are aware of that.

Most of us are aware that government spending is down across the board right now, from defense and defense contractors to regular bureaucratic employees.  That hits Maryland harder than most because the region is so dependent on dollars coming from DC, either in terms of direct jobs, or people who work in DC and choose to live north of the nation’s capital.

For someone looking to help the base closure and environmental report, the result on the local economy goes much deeper than you probably realize.  I received a set of unique wine gifts from a friend who is trying to open a wine store in the old base and he said that the difference between the type of high paying and consistent government jobs and the retail stuff which was coming would simply take your breath away.  I hope he’s wrong, but I’m afraid that he isn’t.

The US Navy has a mandate to protect America and to further American interests abroad. An important branch of the US Naval Corps is diving. There are several military reasons to engage in diving as well as to carry out maintenance, search and rescue and salvage operations.

The US Navy as with all diving outfits is very aware about preserving the marine environment and all our divers are given training to damage marine resources as little as possible. This is particularly applicable when diving around coral reefs. As anyone who has taken a PADI course in Koh Tao can tell you, the corals are fragile and very important habitats that must be treated with the utmost care.

Approximately 25% of all known marine life is to be found living near coral reefs in the world. And yet corals are rapidly dying. The annual rate of coral loss is estimated as being 20 times the size of Manhattan Island. Corals are important for their biodiversity – they provide jobs, food, biomedical compounds and shelter from storms. The biggest cause for the loss of corals is coral bleaching. This is due to rising water temperatures that kill corals near the surface.

It is thus important that human activity adds as little stress as possible to these important underwater areas. Our divers are quipped with the knowledge and know how to go about their business while giving as little stress as possible to coral reefs.

The navy intends to protect the citizens of America as well as the marine resources of not just American waters but all waters. The navy at Mayport is no excpetion to this rule. It strives to minimize its environmental impact.

Eco Friendly Movement

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Over the last few years or so, the hue and cry about global warming and its related ill effects have been a topic of discussion in many forums, movies and places around the world. Saving the environment now and has always been directly proportional to saving the planet. With the advent of technology and better purchasing power, more and more people are taking onto the roads by cars. While this trend may not die, it is important that we buy cars that are eco-friendly. These cars are also tagged are Hybrid vehicles by many car makers around the world.

Contribution towards the families, communities, societies and our cities help you create a brighter and safer world for generations to come. Moving about in eco-friendly cars means it consumes less fuel and therefore leads to less fuel emissions that pollute the air. This air can be extremely harmful and can potentially lead to spread diseases. Naturally, the harmful carbon dioxide gas emitted from the cars travels far and wide. It mixes with the fresh air above and near the water bodies like seas, lakes and ponds. This can potentially endanger the lives of fishes and other water residents.

It is a good idea to use high quality eco-friendly stuff even at home and especially in the kitchen. Using an ice cream maker in place of normal mixer that churns out juice is more sensible because it consumes less power. Similarly, try using bulbs and lights that consume less electricity. As responsible heads in our families and citizens of our country, it is our responsibility to ensure that the environment is not harmed in any manner. Any activity, whether professional or recreational, that is not aligned with the environmental laws must be ceased immediately.

There are a few ways on how you can create an environmentally friendly life style. Every person on this planet can make a difference in order to save the planet from pollution and destruction.

  1. We all can become vegetarians. You can choose to believe it or not, but the development of  animal farming is destroying the planet. People are cutting off forests which are the ‘green lungs’ of the planet to create more space for farming. Each kilogram of eaten meat costs a lot of money, causes the falling of natural forests and makes animals suffer.
  2. In order to limit the devastation of nature we should start to take control over food production. When a country is affected by famine, it is usually due to other countries that are polluting the environment by disposing chemicals that are by products of the manufacturing process.  Production should be monitored and produced according to an agrees plan so that we can minimize the manufacturing of waste.
  3. Recycling is the factor that can save the planet in the future. People should start to think what kind of products they are using and how are they manufactured. Recycling should not be limited only to paper, glass or plastic. There are a lot of materials that can be successfully reused instead of throwing them out on the dump.
  4. Instead of throwing away goods and products we no longer want, we should start to share and donate those very items. Everyday, more and more people are selling, exchanging or buying different products online. You can sell everything from furniture, toys, clothes, accessories, cars and you can even sell gold and jewellery. Instead of spending money for new items, think about purchasing used alternatives that function exactly the same as new but with a little wear and tear.
  5. To save the environment, we should also learn how to generate green energy that will be delivered to homes. Energy can be generated from wind and sunlight. Also , careful consideration when using water can greatly have a positive impact.

At the end of the day, I think that everything depends on every persons sense of responsibility. Small changes often can cause positive dramatic changes.

Harry Collins

Identity Cloaker

Reducing your carbon footprint, and’s conserving your resources are key steps in becoming a contributing member to modern society. The waste created by electricity and heating in the home are major sources of carbon waste in our personal lives. More efficient windows and better habits with regard to lightbulbs, can help us do something small that, as a whole, has a great impact. Though the awareness campaign has been around for decades I’ll remind, it’s incredibly important to keep the lights in the home off when you are not using them. Today we see people who use televisions as there’re computer screens. While this gives your desktop more real estate to work and is also a waste of electricity if it is not being utilized. A great way to lower your carbon footprint when working is to use lower power portable devices like iPads and smart phones. These devices use a tenth of the power as a desktop computer but can offer the same connectivity and even help to streamline parts of your work.

Heating the home is a major issue for most of the world. When winter comes energy costs soar. The reason for this is simple, most people’s homes have poor insulation, to stay warm through the cold winter nights and blizzards, the boiler must be burning oil constantly. The carbon released from all the heating is going to greatly exacerbate the problem of global climate change. Which paradoxically can result in colder harsher winters for many. Most people who vote Republican don’t believe in climate change, but it’s as real as they are, even if we wish they weren’t.

When searching for flats to rent look for double glazing windows, doors that seal tightly, and carpets, all these things help keep heating and energy loss to a minimum. These tips could save you hundreds over a year.s

In todays world we all need to do our bit, grow your own and save the environment. First you will need a greenhouse to help you get started.

Most garden centres and DIY stores will have greenhouses for sale with all the extras you may need, including staging, vents and heaters etc.  It is always best to look around before you purchase one to get the best price available.  Often they will be delivered direct from the manufacturer so make sure you allow a few weeks for delivery.

There will usually be a choice of whether to erect the greenhouse yourself or to pay a greenhouse erector to do this for you.  Again it is best to compare prices as some people charge a lot more than others.  If you have the time and patience you can erect yourself but this may take some time especially if you have never done one before!

I can understand the reservations that the citizens of Mayport may have about the additional home porting of more fleet ships in their town, but I implore them to look at the wider picture!  More ships means more sailors.  More sailors means a better economy as many will have families that need to settle in the area full time so when there spouses come back from a tour of duty they will be there to enjoy their short R&R breaks.  This means the economy in this part of Florida will only improve as more families move to the area and more money is to be spent.

Take for example those who own land in the area – additional dwellings will need to be built in order to supply this increased demand.  There is real money to be made!  This goes all the way down the chain too – more families in the area mean more restaurants and bars opening, more supermarkets and fashion outlets starting up and more independent businesses will have more opportunities to make money.  Is this not the American dream, the land of opportunity?  Maybe you could start your own business? There is a venture to suit everyone – if you love pets you could open a pet store selling all sorts of items from modern cat litter box furniture to reptile cages.  If you loved to clean you could start your own home cleaning business or if you are a contractor you would have many more clients that may need your help.

Yes, our environment may suffer a little but economic growth should make up for that.   I understand that not everyone will agree but try and get rid of your negative mindset – find a positive solution for you!

Eco Warrior

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Right from the first I just want to say that I am not some form of tree hugging life that smokes weed, wear beads and practices free love with anything that has a pulse. I am a socially aware adult who has come to terms with the need to preserve our environment to protect out health and that of the children who come after us. I have just read my way through an entire web page I found called mayporthomeportingeis.com and think it is the best.

It is full of really good, well written articles about the environment, out impact upon it and how, sometimes, despite our best efforts we damage it with our activities. We don’t mean to but it is just a fact that some things that men do, like having to fight a war, can lead to environmental damage on a serious scale.

I decided to go and see some of this damage for myself, so kitting out my panniers for a long road trip and sorting out my

Right from the first I just want to say that I am not some form of tree hugging life that smokes weed, wear beads and practices free love with anything that has a pulse. I am a socially aware adult who has come to terms with the need to preserve our environment to protect out health and that of the children who come after us. I have just read my way through an entire web page I found called mayporthomeportingeis.com and think it is the best.

It is full of really good, well written articles about the environment, out impact upon it and how, sometimes, despite our best efforts we damage it with our activities. We don’t mean to but it is just a fact that some things that men do, like having to fight a war, can lead to environmental damage on a serious scale.

I decided to go and see some of this damage for myself, so kitting out my panniers for a long road trip and sorting out my motorcycle break pads I was ready for the off to view for myself just what we were doing to the planet, especially around my local area. Now there is an extensive naval base there and the water around the parked ships is often filled with rubbish. I was composing a letter in my head to the Secretary of the Navy, when I saw a small boat with half a dozen sailors on board collecting the waste from around the hull.
I called over to them and asked if this was a normal thing that they were doing. It was…and they were clearing away all of the debris, even though they had not generated it, to have it properly disposed of…now who would have believed that?

Sometimes we just have to go and see for ourselves the things that others are talking about. So log onto mayporthomeportingeis.com and see for yourself just what is really going on.

I was ready for the off to view for myself just what we were doing to the planet, especially around my local area. Now there is an extensive naval base there and the water around the parked ships is often filled with rubbish. I was composing a letter in my head to the Secretary of the Navy, when I saw a small boat with half a dozen sailors on board collecting the waste from around the hull.

I called over to them and asked if this was a normal thing that they were doing. It was…and they were clearing away all of the debris, even though they had not generated it, to have it properly disposed of…now who would have believed that?

There are those living in the Mayport area who are of the opinion that the most environmentally friendly thing the state authorities can do for the region is to scrap the Mayport Naval Base. It is one of America’s biggest naval bases. It is home to The United States Fourth Fleet, and has the third largest naval fleet in the USA.

Naturally all these boats, personal and aircraft have a significant impact on the environment. Recently, Mayport has been transforming its fleet from conventional gasoline powered vessels to nuclear powered vessels. This move will no doubt cut down on carbon emissions at the base, but of course poses  a potentially far worse threat to the environment in terms of a nuclear disaster.

Carbon emissions are also considerably high from the large airfield at Mayport Naval Base which is large enough to accommodate the largest of military aircraft.

The reason for having the base is obviously tied up with national security. America is at war with terrorism around the world and it must remain forever vigilant against threats to security both at home and abroad.

However, another good reason to have the base is in case of a natural disaster. In March 2011 in Thailand there were virtually unprecedented floods throughout the country. In the ensuing state of emergency it was the Thai navy that rescued tourists from Thongsala in Koh Phangan and other islands cut off because of the storms.

Ever since Hurricane Katrina the public in America are aware like never before about the potential for a huge storm or other natural disaster to strike in the USA. It is at such times that local police, fire services and medical services cannot cope. These are the times when American people will need the help of the navy and the other armed services. Mayport Naval Base is ready to respond 24/7 to any disaster that may befall the USA. This surely trumps the environmental argument to shut down the base.

Faced with the disastrous consequences of global warming, resource depletion and pollution governments have been asking their citizenry to embrace green values, to become more environmentally friendly. There are even calls for heads of state and government employees to do more to reduce their carbon output. It seems, thus strange that the armed forces are entirely exempt from these national and international drives to protect natural resources. This is clearly wrong. Below I set out a few suggestions for how the armed forces can green up their acts.

National defense is clearly an important priority, but an even higher priority is to protect the environment and to keep it healthy enough to sustain a reasonable standard of life for people living on the planet. Although army, naval and air force maneuvers and practice requires an expenditure of energy and resources that does not mean that these armed forces couldn’t do more to help the environment.

  • The armed forces should set up a system for off-setting. Thus, they should start up a tree planting scheme to off-set all the carbon emissions given off by heavy gasoline powered equipment. The armed forces could also participate in carbon credit trading.
  • In many instances vehicles used by the armed forces could be hybrid. The invention of the NiMH battery means that electric vehicles have a range of 100,000 miles on the same battery. This could actually be a military advantage in times of conflict when reserves of petrol might run low.
  • Barracks and other buildings should be audited for energy efficiency. Insulation should be improved. Since military life is very regulated it would be easy to save electricity by programming thermostats to match the day’s schedule. Moreover, all light bulbs in military building should be changed to energy saving CFLs.
  • More should be done to conserve water in military buildings. This could be achieved by installing low flow shower heads and also faucet aerators. Another important way to conserve water would be to install grey water recycling systems.

These are just a few simple ways that the men and women in the armed forces can help to protect nature as well as national security.

For more information on the tree planting scheme mentioned above, it’s worth checking out the latest Panorama programme which is a news/documentary show on British TV which covers a project like this.   Unfortunately though the iPlayer application used on the BBC site is not accessible outside the UK however if you’re in the US then this video demonstrates how you can watch – How to access BBC iPlayer Outside the UK, it’s quite a simple process if you use a paid service and you can be watching in minutes.


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It’s not bad enough that smokers are killing themselves with our habit, but they are also causing a great deal of damage to the immediate and greater environment#. Most people are unaware of this fact and believe they have a right to smoke tobacco because the only harm they are doing is to themselves. Unfortunately this couldn’t be further from the truth and the consequences of their actions have an impact on everyone else on the planet.

How does smoking cigarettes have an environmental impact?

  1. Did you know that around a third of the adult population of the world smokes? Where do you think the 5 trillion non-biodegradable cigarette butts they dispose of each year go? If you are smoking cigarettes then you are contributing to this garbage problem.
  2. The tobacco industry is responsible for a huge amount of deforestation which is reducing the quality of the air we all need to breathe. The wood chopped down in the forests of many third world countries is used to dry the tobacco leaves which end up in your cigarettes. Incredibly, statistic show that one tree is felled for every 300 cigarettes produced in Africa.
  3. Huge amounts of pesticides are required in the farming of tobacco plants to ensure they reach harvest. These chemicals are made with our dwindling supplies of fossil fuels, and cause untold damage to the environment.
  4. You are polluting your immediate environment with the smoke which is given off by your cigarette every time you light up. This smoke is known to cause disease in the people who breath it in. Are you willing to be responsible for reducing the life expectancy of friends and family who share your space.

What’s the solution to the environmental concerns of smoking cigarettes?

There have been a number of solutions proposed to help reduce the impact of smoking. Some of them include making cigarette butts biodegradable, but this would only target one of the problems we have talked about above.

Some people these days are even wondering if products such as the Green Smoke e-cigarette might be a long term solution as the cartridges used with these devices can be recycled and the tobacco used in producing the nicotine for them doesn’t have to be cured. Even this solution doesn’t have all the answers though.

At the end of the day we are going to have to move towards a tobacco free society if we want to eliminate the damage done by this industry. In the mean time using products such as NRT and electronic cigarettes might reduce the problems at least a little.

Consider all the of the vehicles going back and forth on a day to day basis just to get us to a place we loathe being at for 8 to 12 hours per day. Then consider if you have to leave the office for lunch all the extra emissions we as a world are placing in tho the air that we breath on a daily basis. Living in Southern California you can see the layer of smog that lays across the horizon and it’s sickening the think that we actually breathe that in all day long. We may not realize it, but we do.

I encourage all to consider working from home. Even if you need to change your career path, start up an e-commerce site and find the best SEO company you can to market your product or service. I did and I have not looked back since day one. In addition to the environmental benefits I can set my own schedule, wear what I want to work and I always have an office window, save a ton of money on fuel and I never get in arguments with co-workers. HA! Working from home is a decision I’ll never regret doing.

Are you having problems finding a job as a security guard? This isn’t surprising since the decline of security guard jobs is currently reaching its fastest rate. This means less job opportunities for the Security and Safety Division nationwide.

However, you don’t have to worry about these facts right now. There are still foolproof ways for you to get a security guard job. This article will help you do just that. The following tips will show you how to get a security guard job at a naval station in Florida, particularly at the Mayport naval station. If you live around this area, you should take note of these suggestions:

  • When it comes to security guard jobs at a naval station, you need to have the capacity to cover large spaces. Most of the time, naval stations, especially the one in Mayport, Florida, have very large areas to manage. The number of security guards, however, is limited. This forces management to assign big portions of the station to a single security guard. In these cases, management expects their security guards to be vigilant at all times. Because of the area that you would cover, you should have a keen sense of attentiveness every time. If you would show to the management that you are indeed capable of handling large areas, your chances of getting hired would increase.
  • As a naval station security guard, you would need to understand that there are many valuables that would need protection. This includes boats, machineries, and the like. In that case, you would need to have at least an understanding about these things. This will help you in securing a job in a Mayport naval station.
  • Another requirement that any security guard should have is loyalty. The naval management would need honest people to protect their stations. If you want to be hired, you would need to prove to them that you have this quality.

Environmental Impact Cordyceps sinesis recognition has increased in the society. This is because it has so many health benefits to humans, and these have contributed to its demand. The huge demand is due to its valuable uses. Unfortunately, sources are limited due to factors related to environmental impact /issues. This has led to the decline of Cordyceps and has caused an increase on the prices.

To most families, Cordyceps sinesis is unattainable. This is why there are so many counterfeits in the market. This makes its identification for frequent customers hard. As such, it has led to the emergence of so many individuals who are seeking this drug, are violating their government laws, and are destroying habitats. It is for this reason that Cordyceps has become extinct. This has given so many individuals the urge to increase on the intake of Cordyceps using artificial methods

Expanding the production rate of Cordyceps sinesis has become a great issue. This is because it is harmless to the environment and getting the fungus to survive in any other environment is hard. The urge to have artificial Cordyceps has been caused by the huge demand in the market and its numerous benefits on human health. Over the past few years, so much research has been performed to investigate on how it can be manufactured artificially. It has been established that Cordyceps can only be manufactured through substituting the original Cordyceps. This can only be done by stimulating the fungus and the whole environment where the original sample of Cordyceps can grow. These are known to reproduce within a very short duration and cater for that huge demand that is there in the market today.

Well probably not the case, but one thing that can be much greener is the vehicles and tools that our Armies and Navies use.  It makes sense to utilise green technologies for a variety of reasons.

  1. Obviously any action that lessens the environmental impact of our forces has got to be implemented.
  2. Green solutions are very often extremely cost effective.
  3. Investing and developing green technologies in any area can be beneficial to society and the economy as a whole.

Many scientific advancements are made through the war and the technology used to support our troops.  Whatever your politics it makes sense to invest in these technologies for the greater good.  Eco friendly investments can be recouped by successfully transferring any technology developed into the open market.

Last year the Navy launched it’s first eco friendly boat – a 49 foot riverine command boat which boasts speeds of up to 40 knots.  The boat is different because it runs on a 50% blend of biofuel and normal diesel.   The tests were a complete success and it was reported that there were no problems with performance.  The US Navy uses over 80,000 barrels of oil a day so we can see the huge environmental impact of reducing that consumption in half would have.

Of course there are issues, the cost of the biofuel in monetary terms is much higher, but these costs would likely to drop perhaps to parity if such fuel was used extensively and economies of scale could be harnessed in it’s production.  In times of austerity it is important that initiatives like this are not shelved to make short term gains.  Investments in Eco friendly technology makes a lot of sense in both economic terms and the obvious one that we won’t have a planet left to pollute if someone doesn’t develop these technologies.

If you are interested some of the British National TV stations produce news shows that often cover a variety of environmental topics.  These seem relatively unbias and free from political pressure although many suggest that agendas are always near the surface especially with the commercial stations.  Accessing them outside the UK is not always easy though but this link should help – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4KNKrYgK2k and there’s further help at the end of this post.

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The Joys of Boat Camping

January 15th, 2012 | Posted by bbbshome in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

There are a lot of reasons why boating in Florida is a very unique experience and some of those reasons are hard to explain to someone who has never experienced it. With almost year round good weather and some of the most diverse communities you will find anywhere there really is something for everyone when it comes to Florida boating trips.

If you enjoy boating in general and camping occasionally then Florida certainly has a great deal to offer you. Having access to a boat means that you can fairly easily get to some of the best camping spots that the state has to offer, spots that other people might find it rather hard to reach with their land bound vehicles.  Including some fantastic sites which were recently highlighted in a documentary by the BBC, you can still watch it online but you’ll need to hide your IP address – more information here, BBC iPlayer USA.

If you are going “boat camping” you have several distinct advantages over “regular campers” in that you do not have to lug tons of equipment around or get completely soaked to the skin in the event of a sudden downpour. You probably do not have to just rely on fire pits to cook your food (although food cooked over fire pits tastes delicious done right) and you do have better facilities than just a very undignified hole in the ground! In other words boat camping is simply a little more civilized than a traditional camping trip.

That fact does not mean however that you should simply stay on board your boat the whole time. There are so many great places to explore all over the state to do so would actually be a real shame in fact. From the beauty of some of the remoter parts of the Florida Keys, such as Indian Keys, to the beauty of the everglades with a little careful planning a boat camping trip in Florida may end up being one of the best boat trips you ever take.


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