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So Why Should I Go Green ??

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Of course, there are some very compelling reasons, that we should look after the planet we all live on.  But this short discussion, will hopefully explain why there are other reasons why you should look at the ‘green option’ other than the rather distant environmental one.

Loads of men and women believe that the only reason that they should start being environmentally friendly is to help our world, and many of these men and women never think about other benefits related to it. When you actually take time to think about it you’re going to see that green living is something that can have a useful affect on your wallet as well, actually the greener you live the more cash you are able to save. By making small changes in your daily life activities, you are going to end up saving cash and also helping the planet since you need to live here also. As you continue to read you’ll find a few things you can start doing immediately to be able to reduce your carbon footprint on the planet.

For those of you who have an older home the very first thing you may possibly want to look into is upgrading the windows, simply because this can help you lower your heating and cooling costs. The first thing you should realize is that if you are able to keep more heat your home during the cold months you will end up burning less fuel and saving more cash due to this. Of course the exact same thing is true in the summertime, simply because if you are using your air conditioner less you are using less electricity which again helps our planet and saves you cash. So for those who have an older home it would be a good idea for you to check into upgrading the windows as a result of the many benefits related to this.

Utilizing cold water to wash clothes and then hanging them outside to dry will be a much better option than using warm or hot water and utilizing the dryer simply because you can save cash and help our world. You ought to comprehend that when you do not need to develop as much hot water each and every month this will reduce fuel costs and will also help you save money over the long haul. You are also going to see that most dryers run on electricity and they’re most likely one of the biggest energy hogs throughout your entire home. So by following these two suggestions you are going to have the ability to save cash and decrease the amount of pollution that’s being created on the planet.

If  you want to read about some of the real consequences of this pollution, just check the news and you’ll see many of the effects.  I personally keep up to date with the Greenpeace web site and also some of the environmental reporters who work for the BBC.  The BBC is good because it’s a state funded organisation and relatively free from political and ideological bias, for those outside Britain you could need a UK VPN to access though, check this for one I use.

Another thing you may possibly want to consider doing is placing a timer on your hot water heater, because you obviously do not need hot water 24 hours a day. Because most individuals only need hot water in relation to doing the dishes and taking a shower, you will find that only having your hot water heater running for a few hours every day is all you need. Obviously when you are able to decrease your consumption of hot water this way, it is in addition going to save you cash and reduce pollution from our planet.

If we can get more men and women following the recommendation that we have pointed out above you are going to find that the affects to the planet can be something which is immeasurable.

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Reducing your carbon footprint, and’s conserving your resources are key steps in becoming a contributing member to modern society. The waste created by electricity and heating in the home are major sources of carbon waste in our personal lives. More efficient windows and better habits with regard to lightbulbs, can help us do something small that, as a whole, has a great impact. Though the awareness campaign has been around for decades I’ll remind, it’s incredibly important to keep the lights in the home off when you are not using them. Today we see people who use televisions as there’re computer screens. While this gives your desktop more real estate to work and is also a waste of electricity if it is not being utilized. A great way to lower your carbon footprint when working is to use lower power portable devices like iPads and smart phones. These devices use a tenth of the power as a desktop computer but can offer the same connectivity and even help to streamline parts of your work.

Heating the home is a major issue for most of the world. When winter comes energy costs soar. The reason for this is simple, most people’s homes have poor insulation, to stay warm through the cold winter nights and blizzards, the boiler must be burning oil constantly. The carbon released from all the heating is going to greatly exacerbate the problem of global climate change. Which paradoxically can result in colder harsher winters for many. Most people who vote Republican don’t believe in climate change, but it’s as real as they are, even if we wish they weren’t.

When searching for flats to rent look for double glazing windows, doors that seal tightly, and carpets, all these things help keep heating and energy loss to a minimum. These tips could save you hundreds over a year.s

Well probably not the case, but one thing that can be much greener is the vehicles and tools that our Armies and Navies use.  It makes sense to utilise green technologies for a variety of reasons.

  1. Obviously any action that lessens the environmental impact of our forces has got to be implemented.
  2. Green solutions are very often extremely cost effective.
  3. Investing and developing green technologies in any area can be beneficial to society and the economy as a whole.

Many scientific advancements are made through the war and the technology used to support our troops.  Whatever your politics it makes sense to invest in these technologies for the greater good.  Eco friendly investments can be recouped by successfully transferring any technology developed into the open market.

Last year the Navy launched it’s first eco friendly boat – a 49 foot riverine command boat which boasts speeds of up to 40 knots.  The boat is different because it runs on a 50% blend of biofuel and normal diesel.   The tests were a complete success and it was reported that there were no problems with performance.  The US Navy uses over 80,000 barrels of oil a day so we can see the huge environmental impact of reducing that consumption in half would have.

Of course there are issues, the cost of the biofuel in monetary terms is much higher, but these costs would likely to drop perhaps to parity if such fuel was used extensively and economies of scale could be harnessed in it’s production.  In times of austerity it is important that initiatives like this are not shelved to make short term gains.  Investments in Eco friendly technology makes a lot of sense in both economic terms and the obvious one that we won’t have a planet left to pollute if someone doesn’t develop these technologies.

If you are interested some of the British National TV stations produce news shows that often cover a variety of environmental topics.  These seem relatively unbias and free from political pressure although many suggest that agendas are always near the surface especially with the commercial stations.  Accessing them outside the UK is not always easy though but this link should help – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4KNKrYgK2k and there’s further help at the end of this post.

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