What's best for our country?

Fracking, also known as hydraulic fracturing, fractures layers of rock with a highly pressurized fluid, which is made up of water, slurry, and various, frequently dangerous, chemical compounds. Fracking is occurring all over the U.S. to mine for natural gas and is increasing in frequency and scope.

There are many environmental concerns with fracking, including air quality risks, mishandling of the pressurized fluid waste, and contamination of ground water. Contamination of ground water is a huge problem and has already occurred in several states. In fact, some home owners who sold the mineral rights to their property to companies that frack found themselves with flammable drinking water, despite using an under sink water filter.

If you are concerned about fracking and want to know about the potential hazards it can cause to drinking water and other environmental impacts, we recommend that you watch the documentary entitled Gasland by Josh Fox. Fracking is only increasing in popularity and will impact our environment for years to come.