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Some Handy Environmental Tips

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I’ve just watched a fascinating programme on global warming on the BBC and it raised some very important questions on what we can do on a personal level to reduce waste and our own carbon footprints.  The documentaries are generally available on the BBC iPlayer services, which you can watch from the UK and using this from anywhere else.

In relation to helping our world there are a lot of other things which individuals can actually do aside from recycling which can have a really advantageous affect on this planet. Actually you’ll probably find hundreds of different things that you are able to change in your life right now that will have the ability of helping you help our world. In the following paragraphs we’re going to be discussing a number of these other things which you could start doing in order to help the planet.

One of the initial things you ought to actually stop doing is using throw away paper plates, utensils and paper or plastic cups. By eliminating the use of these products you are going to find that it is going to help decrease the amount of rubbish that men and women throw away each day, and will also help protect our resources from being used for manufacturing of these kinds of products. I’m certain you understand that this will not only save you cash from buying these items each week, but the planet will additionally thank you.


Another thing you should stop doing is buying storage containers at the stores mainly because they’re not needed even if you have to store your leftover food in the freezer or refrigerator. With regards to storing your leftovers inside the refrigerator there is absolutely no reason you can’t just place them on a regular plate instead of one of these containers. And for people who need to freeze your leftover foods you are going to find that items like empty bread bags or even butter containers will be a great way to do this.

Refilling your empty water bottles is another way that you are going to have the ability to help save the planet and save cash simultaneously. A lot of folks do not realize that beverage centers will carry 5 gallon jugs of fresh spring water, and this may be a great choice for refilling your bottles as opposed to purchasing new ones each and every week. You may also find that you are able to save large amounts of money by doing this simply because a 5 gallon jug of spring water will generally cost less than $5.00.

Something else you are going to discover is that when folks go to sleep they like it to be cool, so lowering your thermostat 50 or 55 at night will help reduce your fuel costs. This can supply you with 8 hours each day of less fuel consumption that will obviously help our world and also save you massive amounts of money. Another thing you may want to give consideration to is not turning on the air conditioner while you are sleeping, instead you may want to give consideration to adding a ceiling fan in your bedroom.

Not only will the recommendations above help you to save money every single month, but you are additionally going to discover that the suggestions will be very useful for our world.

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So Why Should I Go Green ??

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Of course, there are some very compelling reasons, that we should look after the planet we all live on.  But this short discussion, will hopefully explain why there are other reasons why you should look at the ‘green option’ other than the rather distant environmental one.

Loads of men and women believe that the only reason that they should start being environmentally friendly is to help our world, and many of these men and women never think about other benefits related to it. When you actually take time to think about it you’re going to see that green living is something that can have a useful affect on your wallet as well, actually the greener you live the more cash you are able to save. By making small changes in your daily life activities, you are going to end up saving cash and also helping the planet since you need to live here also. As you continue to read you’ll find a few things you can start doing immediately to be able to reduce your carbon footprint on the planet.

For those of you who have an older home the very first thing you may possibly want to look into is upgrading the windows, simply because this can help you lower your heating and cooling costs. The first thing you should realize is that if you are able to keep more heat your home during the cold months you will end up burning less fuel and saving more cash due to this. Of course the exact same thing is true in the summertime, simply because if you are using your air conditioner less you are using less electricity which again helps our planet and saves you cash. So for those who have an older home it would be a good idea for you to check into upgrading the windows as a result of the many benefits related to this.

Utilizing cold water to wash clothes and then hanging them outside to dry will be a much better option than using warm or hot water and utilizing the dryer simply because you can save cash and help our world. You ought to comprehend that when you do not need to develop as much hot water each and every month this will reduce fuel costs and will also help you save money over the long haul. You are also going to see that most dryers run on electricity and they’re most likely one of the biggest energy hogs throughout your entire home. So by following these two suggestions you are going to have the ability to save cash and decrease the amount of pollution that’s being created on the planet.

If  you want to read about some of the real consequences of this pollution, just check the news and you’ll see many of the effects.  I personally keep up to date with the Greenpeace web site and also some of the environmental reporters who work for the BBC.  The BBC is good because it’s a state funded organisation and relatively free from political and ideological bias, for those outside Britain you could need a UK VPN to access though, check this for one I use.

Another thing you may possibly want to consider doing is placing a timer on your hot water heater, because you obviously do not need hot water 24 hours a day. Because most individuals only need hot water in relation to doing the dishes and taking a shower, you will find that only having your hot water heater running for a few hours every day is all you need. Obviously when you are able to decrease your consumption of hot water this way, it is in addition going to save you cash and reduce pollution from our planet.

If we can get more men and women following the recommendation that we have pointed out above you are going to find that the affects to the planet can be something which is immeasurable.

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In case you have somehow not noticed, there has been a greening of the United States going on over recent years. No, the landscape is not really changing that much, but people’s personal beliefs about what is acceptable is certainly going through an overhaul. The winds of change are blowing and people are looking for ways to save the planet from our often self destructive ways.  A good place to start this change is right in your own home.


It used to be that people considering a deck installation would just automatically choose to opt for wooden decking boards. They were relatively cheap and there seemed to be an endless supply of them available. If you have priced lumber lately, you already know that buying wooden boards is no longer the cheapest option in many cases. Lumber costs have skyrocketed and even small home projects can be expensive even for people with the ability to perform the labor themselves.   It’s worth shopping around though as there can be quite a bit of variation online,  it’s also worth using a spoof my ip application to hide your address and you may get a better deal.

Home owners today are also interested in looking toward the future before choosing a decking material. The same people who pay attention to ways they can recycle and re-use things around their home are looking for as many ways as they can to keep our home planet looking good. One of the adjustments people are making in their thinking is about ways to get long term value from home improvements. One great way to stay green and actually save money is to look into using composite decking boards. These often are less expensive than traditional wood boards and offer the added advantage of being made from recycled materials. They are also less of a burden to maintain than tradition boards. These boards do not warp like pressure treated lumber and they also do not require fanatical attention to constant upkeep and maintenance like most traditional decking material does. If you plan on staying in the house where you are living right now, it makes sense to look toward the future. Build with materials that will last and you will be grateful later when you do not have to pay to make costly repairs and replacements.


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There is a worry in France for many environmentalists, specifically those who backed the current President – Francoise Hollande in the last election. Many of them voted for him because of a single important pledge – to reduce the country’s reliance on nuclear power for it’s energy needs. The issue is becoming a major concern with an increase in coverage in the mainstream media not just ‘green’ coverage, you can access most online from outside the country by using a France proxy.

Nuclear Power Stations

In fact he promised to halve the use of nuclear energy, which is no small feat for France. The country is the world’s biggest user of atomic energy, about three quarters of all it’s energy is derived in this way. But even if you don’t have objections to nuclear power on environmental concerns, there is a big problem with France’s reliance on this energy. Most of the nuclear reactors are now approaching the limit of their life expectancy, the majority were built in the 1970s and 40 years is considered a safe lifespan.

This means that the majority of the stations should really be decommission shortly, although there seems to be a lack of preparation to do this. Most expect that the aging stations will be kept open a little longer. The problem is that switching to different energy forms is extremely expensive, and will very likely effect the economy in the short term.

The discussion is likely to be quite lively, environmentalists have trusted President Hollande with their vote on this issue but the economic implications could be huge. France’s economy is still almost stagnant and it’s recovery is still among the weakest in Europe – the cost implications of a switch in it’s energy base would likely slow the economy even more.

It’s an interesting debate and one that is probably going to be repeated in other countries across the world. Here’s another source of information on changing your ip address so you can access French only content through a proxy – read this.